padang- padang Beach (Suluban Beach), Bali, Indonesia

Many of us are still strange when I hear the name of Padang Padang beach or can be called Suluban Beach, lies a hidden beach is probably one of the causes is less well known to many people.

If from downtown Denpasar towards the beach is located about 35 km / 45 minutes by motor vehicle headed south towards Nusa Dua Beach then moved to the area Pecatu. and found this beach is still "far neighbor" of Dream land beach. during low tide we can easily to the beach with the beach from Dream land probably about just a few miles away. but if it was high tide the road is impassable from Pura Uluwatu.
This beach is usually crowded foreign tourists for sunbathing, swimming and surfing. if it was high tide surfers flocked to the beach because it has good waves for surfers. take it easy if we ask about the facility. although secluded beach is a standard facility for a beach from the rinse, toilet, and also Lifeguard or coast guard.

The view is very beautiful beach with crystal clear water is greenish blue, soft white sand, gentle waves voice and breezes that blow made ​​the atmosphere on the beach is so quiet and peaceful.

The beach is surrounded by a very sturdy stone cliffs are also a lot of overgrown trees are dense, so many monkeys that roam around the beaches that provide their own entertainment for the tourists who were relaxing on the beach of Padang-Padang. In addition, the coral reefs that grow wild around the shoreline also add to the attraction of this beach.

Happy Holiday ^_^
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Matras Beach, Bangka Island, Indonesia

Matras Beach Village is located in a New Light, Sungailiat District, east of Bangka island 40 km from Pangkalpinang and 7 km from City Sungailiat.

Among the other beaches in the Pacific, Matras Beach is a beach frequented by tourists, both domestic and foreign nationals.

In the vicinity of Matras Beach also has built some simple accommodations like bungalows, hotels, tours and travel services and places of entertainment that is appropriate to relax while enjoying the beauty of the beach mat.

In addition, there are many centers selling souvenirs and traditional foods such as Kemplang Bangka roast, fish crackers, bridge fish / squid, Rusip, belacan / illustration and many more.

This beach is the most visited by tourist .and very suitable when used for tours on weekends with their families. with white sandy beach ramps along the 3 km backdrop of palm trees and a natural river flow. Located in the village of Matras, Sinar Jaya Village, Sungailiat District, which is adjacent to the northeast Bangka Island. The beach is very beautiful and ramps. White sand and smooth.

Another specialty, comfortable and quiet location will give flexibility to the visitors to eat while reclining on rocks and enjoy the natural beauty of the beach. Matras beach region has also built a lot of simple bungalows resting place of an increasingly add to home visitors.
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Kejawanan Beach, Cirebon, Indonesia

Kejawanan Beach, Indonesia Beach
In addition to recreational areas, Kejawanan Beach is used as a place of treatment of various diseases. Kejawanan beach water is believed to cure diseases such as rheumatism, gout, diabetes, stroke, bronchitis, skin diseases and cough that is by soaking in water or rinse his mouth.

But at least with the existing condition limitations, Kejawanan Beach attractions are located on the North Coast Main Line (northern), Cirebon, or rather in the Village Lemahwungkuk, Lemahwungkuk District, City of Cirebon, Indonesia, to give others Features.

The days are usually busy just three days, namely Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or on other national holidays. As shown on the holiday then, hundreds of visitors looking visited the site.
Kejawanan beach also considered to have greater value than other beaches. One of them assessed the efficacy of beach sand has a high salt content has a good for the treatment of various diseases, including chronic such as stroke and others.

Not surprisingly, then many people who come to this site with two objectives, namely to have fun and treatment of disease.

Nevertheless, the existence Kejawanan Beach has become something promising. Because the local government will gradually make the handling of a measured, so the desire for this coastal tourist attraction into something that will really reliable.
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Sundak Beach, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sundak beach is a beach in the district of Gunung kidul, precisely in the village district Sidoharjo Tepus. Being in the ranks of the south coast lined with beaches Kukup, Krakal, Drini, and Beaches Along the Baron.

In Sundak Beach, there are small rocks in a row and became the hiding-marine biota. Another attraction of this beach are the trees that make it cool, sea breeze beach around will increasingly make we feel like at home.
Stretch of shoreline and coral-reef marine playground petite nan adorable. Corals that stands firmly as Coast guard Sundak nan sturdy and brave. Limestone hills in the background adds elegance towering coastal and inland sea meeting the southern coast of Java island.

Sundak beach also offers a pleasant atmosphere of the night. You can enjoy the evening breeze while ordering raw fish to be grilled with friends. By paying a few thousand, you can buy wood for fuel. If lazy, just order a mature, so be ready to eat. What is clear, do not be confused to find a place to stay.

This beach is famous for its natural scenery of green that blends with the refreshing atmosphere of the beach, commonly used as a place for tourist campsite adolescents.
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Indrayanti Beach , Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indrayanti beach become an alternative place to spend a family vacation, even a white sand beach is not so popular like other beaches.

Indrayanti Beach, one of the beautiful white sandy beaches are now beginning to attract tourists, both domestic and foreign countries, in the south sea coast which was in the area of Gunung Kidul. In addition to offering the beauty of white sands and exotic coral reef, this beach also offers a challenging game jet ski.
Enchantment Indrayanti beach can be enjoyed not only during the day. If the weather is sunny, you can enjoy the sunset at dusk. At night, the point of fire came from a lantern or torch fisherman sailing will provide a unique atmosphere in Indrayanti Beach.

Although hot during the day, you would not miss the opportunity to take pictures in every corner of the beach. Plants that are predominantly coastal pandanus trees add shade environment.
many small trees from the Environment Agency to hold the government also planted abrasion.
Indrayanti proved quite safe beach for swimming. Jet ski available for rental, the only one on the south coast. Although extreme, this sport is safe because every rider jet ski wearing life jackets and get assistance from experts. Indrayanti beach was opened six months ago to the public, adopt the name of the administrator's wife beach. Name Indrayanti considered easy to remember, because it is different from the name of the beaches in Gunung Kidul.

It's easy to get there. You just passed a few other beaches such as Krakal, Baron, Kukup, Drini, Indrayanti.actually Sundak before reaching shore, four miles from the coast Baron. Travel with bumpy roads can be reached by private or rental vehicles such as minibuses. From the city of Yogyakarta, it takes about 2-3 hours to get to the beach location
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Tanjung berikat Beach ( Pantai Tanjung Berikat) --------- bangka Belitung Island, indonesia

Panorama of beautifully beach and charming the many we saw along the island of Bangka. As Tanjung berikat coast in the village of Batu Beriga Central Bangka Regency - Bangka Belitung . The location which is about 1-2 km from the village of stone beriga or 2 hours from Koba and 3 hours of Pangkal pinang city, often one tourist destination.

Tanjung Berikat beach is approximately 60.6 km from the city of Koba to the east, precisely located at the east end of Return of Bangka. The beach is very pretty when the sun will set on the west. At the very overhanging the sea, there is a lighthouse. Although the cape give far enough from the bustle of the city and even the public, access is easy because the way already stretched paved highway.

Currently, Tanjung berikat beach has been entered as a tourist destination in Central Bangka Regency
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Parai tenggiri Beach ( Pantai Parai Tenggiri) ------------------ Bangka Belitung island, Indonesia

Entering the seashore, looking white sand that extends from the tip of the south coast until the end of the north. The beach is ideal for enjoying the charm of sunrise in the morning. When compared to Sanur Beach, a tourist attraction Parai Tenggiri Beach not less good. Facilities offered by the Parai Beach Regency Resort & Spa can juxtaposed with the facilities offered luxury hotels located in the vicinity of Sanur.

Entering Parai Tenggiri Beach tourist area, was impressed this beach has been developed as an international tourist attraction, but without reducing the natural elements and the beauty of the beach. To go to the seashore, the visitors are required to choose to enter the resort which develops and manages Parai Tenggiri Beach.

in this Travelers favorite tourist area is equipped with four-star resorts and including, that's why you have to pocket Rp. 25.000, - as an entrance ticket. But do not worry, tickets can be exchanged with juice, soft drinks or other beverages to taste.

Parai beach resorts that have been internationally this could be a fitting choice to stay. Moreover, coupled with a very beautiful object photography, makes you not want to go to another beach. In addition to water and clear blue sea, this beach has a large cluster of rocks and formations are so beautiful when put together with coconut trees and white sands.

This beach turned out to have so many facilities that we can use, ranging from a variety of food restaurants, hotels, spas, water skiing, swimming pool, or who like the adventure is also available here.

Hotels on the beach is like a small little housing located on the beach, so if we take the most edge, then we just walk a few meters from the beach.

Parai Tenggiri Beach is located in a very strategic location on an island that is flanked by rocks. What is the main attraction of this beach is the beautiful natural scenery and amazing. At the left end of the beach, there is a cluster of rocks in order to slick and on call Rock Island.
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Tanjung Tinggi Beach (Pantai Tanjung Tinggi) ------------ Belitung island, Indonesia

Tanjung Tinggi Beach (Pantai Tanjung Tinggi)
Located not far from Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Tanjung Tinggi Beach, There are also still located in District Sijuk, located about 31 km from Tanjung pandan and 8 km from Sijuk covers an area of ​​approximately 80 hectares and can be achieved from Tanjung pandan within 45 minutes. The beach has clean white sand and decorated by the arrangement of granite boulders as high as 15 beside and removed the beach. 5 m wide beach at high tide and 8 m at low tide shoreline length of about 1 km. High Cape Coast region is perfect for sunbathing, fishing, diving, swimming, playing jet ski or even playing on sand on the seashore.

Formerly this place is a fishing port for the nearby village of Tanjung Keciput or Tanjung Tinggi. There are at least twenty simple seafood restaurants along the beach. This is the place for you to take a break, drinking coffee or order lunch. The main menu is seafood. Just do not expect you get the same class of service in the mall restaurants. They are just ordinary people from the village who opened a simple restaurant. Do not worry, the people there are always friendly to all guests, just like most people of Indonesia.

you can walk on the white sand between the rocks and crystal clear sea water. White Sand is everywhere along the coast. Children will love to play there. Because the waves are not large, clear sea water with a sandy surface underwater, kids will really like playing on the beach. You do not need to worry about shark attacks, because it never happened in the Pacific Islands. The only thing that sometimes have to look out for is the jellyfish, particularly large.

Tanjung tinggi beach is a beach that is flanked by two peninsula. This white sandy beach, and unique because there are hundreds of huge granite boulders scattered in the peninsula and also in the sea in front of the beach. The size of granite ranging from a few cubic meters to hundreds of cubic meters bigger than a building of houses. You can ride, run and jump between the granite to enjoy exclusive views from every angle you stand.
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Tanjung Kelayang Beach ( Pantai Tanjung Kelayang )-------------- Belitung Island, Indonesia

Tanjung Kelayang Beach ( Pantai Tanjung Kelayang )

Tanjung Kelayang Beach is located approximately 27 km from the town of Tanjung Pandan, is a panoramic tour of the exotic. With fine white sand is like flour, this coastal stretch of granite boulders form a bay at the western end that make the panorama is very interesting. On the beach there are clear milestones where fishermen moor their boats before going to sea.

Along this coast we could see fishing boats are moored, add a cool atmosphere.Tanjung Kelayang Coast is famous for its white sand beach that stretches ramps so beautiful. On this beach we could see the small islands with granite stonework.

Coral reefs on this beach has a high species diversity and rich with coral fish that live around it. Also found also Tridacna squamosa which include the type of coral reefs in danger and the category of protected marine life. The high diversity of species and many species of fish indicate that the environmental conditions in coastal waters of Tanjung Kelayang very suitable for the life of coral reefs.

If you are interested to visit the small islands around the coast of Tanjung Kelayang, around the coast there are many fishing boats can be rented. With such a close distance from the coast, travel by boat for approximately 10 minutes and you can walk around the islands are uninhabited because of all the island surrounded by white sand. Do not forget to bring enough drinking water supply because there is no drinking water in these islands.

Belitung Island is known as an island which has a beautiful beach but not many realize the beautiful of underwater ecosystem. If this potential can be developed, it is possible this island will be the main objective of nautical tourism tourists and foreign tourists in the future. May the beauty of coral reef ecosystems in this area can be preserved and properly maintained.

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Cermin Beach ( Pantai Cermin)-------- Sumatra, Indonesia

Cermin Beach ( Pantai Cermin)-------- Sumatra, Indonesia
Sumatra, one of the major islands in Indonesia. there are many famous tourist attractions that can be visited. Cermin  Beach located on the east coast of Sumatra island facing the Straits of Malacca. Located 45 km from the city of Medan to Siantar from Sei Rampah (the capital of Serdang Bedagai) the distance is 25 km. Access to the Beach This mirror is very good. The road condition is quite wide and smoothly paved road to make this tourist area feels comfortable. The journey from Medan to Mirror Beach can be reached by car or motorbike with a time of 45 minutes. Starting from Simpang Three Perbaungan to the direction, guests will enjoy the coolness in the left and right because there are roads with plantations for palm oil and cacao crops.

In Cermin Coast today has evolved some tourist attraction that has become known at home and abroad. Every day domestic and foreign tourists visiting crowded attractions in these Cermin Beach district. There are 5 tourist attraction that has been managed by the management system and a slightly different appeal to each other.

Tourism Regions Cermin famous beach with Water Theme Park, a nature tourism is combined with artificial tourist (recreational) with professional management. Water Theme Park is a tourist attraction is an excellent tourism Serdang Bedagai and only the largest recreational tourist attraction outside of Java. In this tourist attraction there are several recreational facilities and water sports.

The area of ​Cermin ​beach tourist area is very large is equipped with various facilities such as, camping area, relaxing cabins, souvenir stalls and the parking area and entertainment stage. Structuring a water park theme park on site is very interesting and beautiful soothing impression for every visitor. While comes in this tourist attraction every visitor can see up close the activities of the fishermen catch fish at sea. Stretch of white sand along the beach into a fun place for visitors to relax, camping and playing laying kites

Cermin Beach is a tourist beach beaches have full facilities and the perfect place to visit in the holidays or when you want to relax with your family.
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