Tanjung berikat Beach ( Pantai Tanjung Berikat) --------- bangka Belitung Island, indonesia

Panorama of beautifully beach and charming the many we saw along the island of Bangka. As Tanjung berikat coast in the village of Batu Beriga Central Bangka Regency - Bangka Belitung . The location which is about 1-2 km from the village of stone beriga or 2 hours from Koba and 3 hours of Pangkal pinang city, often one tourist destination.

Tanjung Berikat beach is approximately 60.6 km from the city of Koba to the east, precisely located at the east end of Return of Bangka. The beach is very pretty when the sun will set on the west. At the very overhanging the sea, there is a lighthouse. Although the cape give far enough from the bustle of the city and even the public, access is easy because the way already stretched paved highway.

Currently, Tanjung berikat beach has been entered as a tourist destination in Central Bangka Regency

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