Parai tenggiri Beach ( Pantai Parai Tenggiri) ------------------ Bangka Belitung island, Indonesia

Entering the seashore, looking white sand that extends from the tip of the south coast until the end of the north. The beach is ideal for enjoying the charm of sunrise in the morning. When compared to Sanur Beach, a tourist attraction Parai Tenggiri Beach not less good. Facilities offered by the Parai Beach Regency Resort & Spa can juxtaposed with the facilities offered luxury hotels located in the vicinity of Sanur.

Entering Parai Tenggiri Beach tourist area, was impressed this beach has been developed as an international tourist attraction, but without reducing the natural elements and the beauty of the beach. To go to the seashore, the visitors are required to choose to enter the resort which develops and manages Parai Tenggiri Beach.

in this Travelers favorite tourist area is equipped with four-star resorts and including, that's why you have to pocket Rp. 25.000, - as an entrance ticket. But do not worry, tickets can be exchanged with juice, soft drinks or other beverages to taste.

Parai beach resorts that have been internationally this could be a fitting choice to stay. Moreover, coupled with a very beautiful object photography, makes you not want to go to another beach. In addition to water and clear blue sea, this beach has a large cluster of rocks and formations are so beautiful when put together with coconut trees and white sands.

This beach turned out to have so many facilities that we can use, ranging from a variety of food restaurants, hotels, spas, water skiing, swimming pool, or who like the adventure is also available here.

Hotels on the beach is like a small little housing located on the beach, so if we take the most edge, then we just walk a few meters from the beach.

Parai Tenggiri Beach is located in a very strategic location on an island that is flanked by rocks. What is the main attraction of this beach is the beautiful natural scenery and amazing. At the left end of the beach, there is a cluster of rocks in order to slick and on call Rock Island.

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