Tanjung Kelayang Beach ( Pantai Tanjung Kelayang )-------------- Belitung Island, Indonesia

Tanjung Kelayang Beach ( Pantai Tanjung Kelayang )

Tanjung Kelayang Beach is located approximately 27 km from the town of Tanjung Pandan, is a panoramic tour of the exotic. With fine white sand is like flour, this coastal stretch of granite boulders form a bay at the western end that make the panorama is very interesting. On the beach there are clear milestones where fishermen moor their boats before going to sea.

Along this coast we could see fishing boats are moored, add a cool atmosphere.Tanjung Kelayang Coast is famous for its white sand beach that stretches ramps so beautiful. On this beach we could see the small islands with granite stonework.

Coral reefs on this beach has a high species diversity and rich with coral fish that live around it. Also found also Tridacna squamosa which include the type of coral reefs in danger and the category of protected marine life. The high diversity of species and many species of fish indicate that the environmental conditions in coastal waters of Tanjung Kelayang very suitable for the life of coral reefs.

If you are interested to visit the small islands around the coast of Tanjung Kelayang, around the coast there are many fishing boats can be rented. With such a close distance from the coast, travel by boat for approximately 10 minutes and you can walk around the islands are uninhabited because of all the island surrounded by white sand. Do not forget to bring enough drinking water supply because there is no drinking water in these islands.

Belitung Island is known as an island which has a beautiful beach but not many realize the beautiful of underwater ecosystem. If this potential can be developed, it is possible this island will be the main objective of nautical tourism tourists and foreign tourists in the future. May the beauty of coral reef ecosystems in this area can be preserved and properly maintained.

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