Slopeng Beach ( Pantai Slopeng) ------------ East Java, Indonesia

Slopeng beach has white sand (of course that means yellow), the semi-solid, which was behind a small hill surrounded by rocks typical of the island of Madura. A kind of palm trees (I do not know his name) adorned the coastal shores. Sea green with a bluish by tossing dozens of fishing boats that anchor in the middle there making the atmosphere more beautiful. Slopeng beach area is located in the area approximately 21 km north of Sumenep city .Air clear and white sand beaches that extend spacious and decorated with coconut palm trees on the beach makes a beautiful sight in the eye.
Actually a very long coastline, along the trajectory of this area has the same beautiful beach conditions. But for this run is about 1 km coastline. And the atmosphere of the sun touches the heart while the afternoon was about to embrace the horizon line. Unfortunately we're really pressed for time today, so had to miss this beautiful moment
Slopeng beach is a beach with white sand stretch of mountains that surround the sides of nearly 6 km long beach. If you like fish in the sea, the beach area is very suitable for sea fishing  because the area is rich in various kinds of fish, tuna species also exist. Slopeng beach located in the area approximately 21 km north of the Sumenep, East Java 

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Jumiang beach ( Pantai Jumiang ) ------------------ Madura, Indonesia

Jumiang beach is a tourist attraction located in the village of Tanjung Sub Pademawu is ± 12 km southeast of the City Pamekasan, East Java, with asphalt road conditions and can be reached by public transport car transportation / motorcycle taxis. Like the existing beaches in general, on the Jumiang beach, we can play with the waves while enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunset. In addition, no less exciting and a surplus of these beaches are the friends can hunt for crabs, clams and jellyfish.

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Camplong beach ( Pantai Camplong) ----------------- Madura, Indonesia

In Camplong beach resorts. It was inaugurated by Governor of East Java,Soelarso, July 22, 1993, this tourist attraction is expected to lift the name of Sampang Regency. Pristine beach, inhabited by fishermen. Sea calm. Not too deep. Every holiday, weekend, the beach was crowded with children and adolescents. That day I saw the beach quite crowded. Some teen dating under the pandanus trees.

Visitors to the beach and cottage Camplong not busy as the past. Many facilities and almost all buildings damaged cottage. Starting from the entrance next to the counter until the levee repellent waves.
Camplong Beach  is located about 8 kilometers to the east of the City of Sampang, situated in the village of Dharma among others, is a gently sloping beach with white sands. Near the beach equipped garden is overgrown with pine trees that add shade in this tourist area. When the weather is sunny, in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful panorama as the sun sets. This beauty is owned by Coast Tourism Camplong.

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Rongkang beach ( Pantai Rongkang) ------------- Madura, Indonesia

Rongkang beach is one of the major tourist attractions in Bangkalan. An unspoiled place, by trees and rocks and beaches, making this beach is more unique than the other tours. But unfortunately, this beach has not been managed well by the local government. Though its presence is very significant for the visit.

The beach is located in District of  Kwanyar and position on the side of the road, making this beach is more easily reached by motorcycle.
Rongkang beach is one beach that was in Bangkalan district, located close to the Suramadu bridge.
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Sambilangan beach ( Pantai Sambilangan) ------------ Madura, Indonesia

Sambilangan beach is located about 7 km south of the city Bangkalan, 
Sambilangan at village, sub Bangkalan This beach also seems to still be experiencing, in addition, there is a lighthouse built in 1879, opened by zw Willem III. The lighthouse which has a height of 90 meters, which is a tourist can improve and enjoy the 'traffic' fishing boats and merchant ships in the Strait of Madura
this resort is perfect for your next holiday destination, where you can relax in an unspoiled natural beauty
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Lombang Beach ( Pantai Lombang) ------- Madura, Indonesia

Lombang Beach is located about an hour away by motorbike from the center of Sumenep. But it was very brief because along the way the eye will be treated to beautiful views, which extend green rice fields and clouds seen in the distance romp plus very fresh air pollution free. From the city Sumenep distance is not far, about 30 kilo meters, the street was quite nice and paved. During the long holiday, the beach is crowded visitors. Tourists generally come from the region of Madura, but not a few who came from Surabaya.

Compared to some of the beaches we've ever visited, Lombang no less interesting from Kuta beach, this beach even promising a more natural ambiance. What makes it unique, around and along the shoreline pine trees grow shrimp. That said, there is only 2 beaches in the world who have the uniqueness of this kind, besides Lombang itself, where the other is Chinese. With the Suramadu, Lombang beach beauty would seem to be one of the leading tourist attraction for Madura.

Happy Holiday... ^_^
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