Santolo Beach ( Pantai Sentolo) ---------- Garut, Indonesia

Santolo Beach, It lies south of the city of Garut, West Java, precisely in the District Cikelet.From Garut city, mileage is 88 km or about 3.5 hours. The way to the beach location are winding, narrow, steep, and through forests, tea gardens, and the abyss. For your lodging business do not worry. Santolo already has a variety of places to stay that cheap for you. Many lodging near the beach so that when night comes you can sleep accompanied by the sound
melodious waves beach.

Santolo beach is not too famous tourist attractions. This is an advantage for those who want to break away from the bustle of the city. If the water is receding, you can see small fish swimming in
around the coast. For those of you who want to spend the night, around the coast there are many lodging for  spent the night.
This beach includes the obligatory sights to visit, because of the beautiful natural beauty. and also the culture and friendliness of its people who make visitors feel at home spending time at the Sentolo beach.
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Surga Beach ( Pantai Surga) ------------ Lombok, Indonesia

      Lombok island is indeed warehouse Coast, around the island of Lombok is filled with beautiful beaches and charming. There are white sand, brown, also black. Well one of the charming beach of Surga Beach.
     Surga Beach is located in the southern part of East Lombok, Jerowaru precisely, about 50km from the town of Selong. This beach is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and clean beaches and white sand, it is no wonder this beach called Paradise beach. For those who love sports surfing this beach is one of the choices.
    Surfing locations that generally have a beautiful shoreline, water clarity, and nuance of his adventures was so painful, such as the Gulf region Ekas
    Now this is the wave that became the main attraction of tourists to visit Paradise Beach or Coast Ekas the sandy beaches are both white. In the waters of the bay, a distance of 70 kilometers southeast of Mataram, at certain seasons, a high wave or waves reaching five meters. Despite having limited lodging facilities, Surga Beach waves still lure the tourists, especially surfers.
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