Srandil Beach, Cilacap Central Java, Indonesia

As a district that is located on the south coast of Central Java, Cilacap have known a lot of beach tourism. One is a beach located in the village Srandil Glempang pasir, District of Adipala. Exactly, 30 kilometers east of the town of Cilacap.

Srandil Coast line length is approximately three kilometers. At the eastern end intersects with Widara payung Beach tourist area. Thus, when we went to the beach Srandil, all can enjoy the beauty of the umbrella Widara the distance is only about four kilometers to the east by land route.

it was Named Srandil Beach as the location of this beach is adjacent to Mount of Srandil. A hill right on the sea. This hill is known as spiritual or religious tourist destination. Every day, a tourist attraction visited Mount Srandil tens or even hundreds of people who want to make pilgrimages in the many caves in the hills Srandil there is, in addition of course to enjoy the beauty of the surf  Srandil Beach.

One kilometer before the location of beach, we will pass the Mount Selok sights. The place is frequented by tourist for the purpose of the camp, outbound, or just sitting enjoying the cool shade of the trees on this hill.

well i think Srandil Beach is very recommended place to be visited.
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Selok Beach in Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia

Finally, i have space time to write and share something wonderful scene in Cilacap, one region in central Java Indonesia. As we know that Java Island has many recommended tourism places to be visited. One of wonderful and natural beach in Cilacap, it was called Selok beach. Located at the southern tip of Java island, where Selok Beach sometimes it's not realized by most people in Central Java. This ignorance led to actually quite lovely beach is quite. In fact, a selok Beach located near Mount Srandil have a million rapture are now ready to spoil the charm of the tourists who visit it.

Now, local governments are developing Cilacap Selok beach attractions. There are Various facilities have been added to enliven this attraction. Among these are ATV Motor Rental, Mad Ball, water Bike, and Swimming Pool.

In addition to its location which is close to Mount of Selok which is also a famous hermitage, in which there was a pond where the water is believed to member's blessing. For tourists who has hobby of fishing, this place is appropiate as ideal. The meeting of two currents, which flow from the river and from sea Serayu own making here there are many-species of freshwater fish, seawater, and brackish water.

For tourists who just want to walk or see the sights of any perfect place. The beach is still clean and have fresh air and ready to indulge the senses of visitors. about Mount Selok beauty, the beauty of the Java Sea, as well as a beautiful stretch of Selok beach will be ready to give the best experiences for visitors.
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The beautiful view of Menganti Beach,Kebumen, Indonesia

 menganti Beach Kebumen

Menganti beach has white sand beaches that lie along the edge of the charming beach. Located at 7 kilometers east of Ayah coast , Kebumen . Easy enough to reach this place. From Kec. Gombong, follow the road towards the Karangbolong beach.

It also can be achieved through the west side of the Ayah beach is through continues to south then eastward along the mountain road uphill and winding road.

 menganti Beach Kebumen
Except As a tourist attraction, Manganti beach area and karangbata beach also suitable to be developed into an object argowisata. Here tourists can do the fishing and marine fish shop. Menganti beach is very beautiful beach and is recommended to be visited. The combination of sweeping beaches, ocean and surrounding hills will make visitors reluctant to leave the menganti beach.
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Teluk Uber Beach ,East of Sumatra, Indonesia

Teluk Uber Beach scenery was more beautiful. The sun rises from the sea and bestows a warm glow to the beach.

teluk uber beach

In the midst of bright light, the sea looks clear, blue-green, contrasting with clean white sand. Fishing boats shrimp hunter looks adrift at sea.Travellers who visited this area on average the same conclusion, strength Uber Gulf Coast is a pristine landscape. The elements of the beach area of ​​25 hectares was still original, because not many get a touch of human hands.

The beach is located in the hollow of the bay to the mainland was not as famous as some other beaches are also located in the area of Sungailiat, Bangka Regency, like Parai Beach,Matras Beach, or Tanjung Pesona Beach. The beaches have been famous with more complete facilities so that targeted many domestic and foreign tourists.

However, Teluk Uber Beach are still quiet Uber that just offers the pure natural charm, which has not been tampered with tourism programs.

Teluk Uber beach is located in the east of Sumatra, bordering the South China Sea. From Pangkalpinang, capital of Bangka Belitung province, the beach was about 40 kilometers and can be reached by private vehicle about 45 minutes. There is also public transportation, like buses, town car transportation. From Sungailiat, the capital of Bangka Regency, only about three kilometers.

For tourists who want to spend the night can stay at the Hotel Gulf Uber built on the outskirts of the beach in 1993. The hotel has 12 rooms, karaoke rooms are crowded at night, and a restaurant open from morning until night. Several other facilities are under construction
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Romodong Beach, located in District Belinyu, Bangka island, Indonesia

Bangka island famous for its many beautiful beaches and natural, so that should be visited by tourists. One of them Romodong Beach, located in District Belinyu, Bangka.

The location of Romodong Beach is in Belinyu area , north Bangka 77 km from Sungailiat. In this beach the tourists can see a sunset fenomenal. Because this location is face to west. All beach have 4 km distance. If we go to this beach we can see white and soft sand here. this beach have a pure water like crystal.

Other beauty of Romodong Beach, year-round beach wavy Romodong always ramps not being in the bay. While enjoying the sunset or just playing in the sand, usually residents also bring lunch and visiting with family or friends.
The beach is approximately 500 m long, have scattered stones become trimmer panorama of the beach. Remodong Beach was in the middle of the Gulf Kelabat. from this coast, inland districts of West Bangka .

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