The beautiful view of Menganti Beach,Kebumen, Indonesia

 menganti Beach Kebumen

Menganti beach has white sand beaches that lie along the edge of the charming beach. Located at 7 kilometers east of Ayah coast , Kebumen . Easy enough to reach this place. From Kec. Gombong, follow the road towards the Karangbolong beach.

It also can be achieved through the west side of the Ayah beach is through continues to south then eastward along the mountain road uphill and winding road.

 menganti Beach Kebumen
Except As a tourist attraction, Manganti beach area and karangbata beach also suitable to be developed into an object argowisata. Here tourists can do the fishing and marine fish shop. Menganti beach is very beautiful beach and is recommended to be visited. The combination of sweeping beaches, ocean and surrounding hills will make visitors reluctant to leave the menganti beach.
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