The Tanjung Kait beach ( pantai Tanjung Kait ) --------- Tanggerang, Indonesia

The Tanjung Kait beach is located in the Tanjung Anom Village Sub Mauk, Tangerang District. Its a beach that has become a paradise of seafood lovers, here you are offered to enjoy a variety of grilled seafood on a floating restaurant while watching fishing boats dock and sunset in the evening.

There are any Tourist facilities are available such as hotels, Cafeteria, and floating restaurants along the coast of Tanjung Kait.

there are any the temple, although there are older than 3.5 centuries but still standing strong and still in use for the temple by Buddhists as well as a tourist attraction.
in addition, there is a place where the fishermen can take a fishing hobbies and his passion for fishing at sea, the fishermen there also served rental service their boats for the fishermen, with time and variation boat rental rates according to agreement.

ehmm... fell Fresh air from the sea, coconut trees that bear fruit in the dense interesting to enjoy. The countryside is felt here because people are ready to welcome visitors with their daily circumstances. Surf beach and the wind is generally good in the advantage of to make recreational use of motorized boats out to sea...

....based any source.....
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The Tanjung Lesung Beach ( Pantai Tanjung Lesung ) ------- Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia

Banten province does have many resorts are very beautiful and not boring for the visit, one of which Tanjung Lesung coast.

Tanjung Lesung Coast, has a panorama of natural beach and beautiful white sand and coral unique. The atmosphere and conditions mainstay tourism area is suitable Pandeglang District water sports activities (snorkeling, diving and jetsky)

Located in the village of Tanjung Jaya, Kecamatan Panimbang, Pandeglang district, Banten province, an integrated tourist area of Tanjung Lesung can be completed in time between 2.5 hours to 3 hours from Jakarta.

For tourists who desire to enjoy the wealth of biological and underwater charm, can rent diving equipment. With diving, tourists will be amazed at the dynamic of coral reefs, jellyfish multicolored, small snails with a unique shell, and the fish that swim romp at the beach. As for tourists who want to learn how to graft the coral reefs, conservation can visit the location in the middle of the sea.

Complete facilities and no less with the two previous beach you will not make travel difficult in this beach. Facilities such as the Information Center, Lifeguard, money changer, Parking Area, banana boats, glass bottom boat, snorkeling, sea kayak, mini golf, pool, fishing pool, park, shelter, children playing area, and others.

Do not forget to include these sights in your vacation plans ....

have fun .... ^_^
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The Bagedur beach ( Pantai Bagedur ) ------ Banten, Indonesia

Banten, one of the provinces in the western part of Java island has many tourist attractions. from beach tourism to mountain tourism that has shades of beauty that is also different.

The Bagedur beach located in the area Malingping District, about 115 km from the City Rangkasbitung, decent sort of beach that never deserted visited by tourists. The attraction is the beach not only because of its length reaches about 10 km, but also with a wide beach that has sloping beach area.

With sloping sand and vast waves coherent with the very natural view to make this beach has its own appeal than to another beach.
So, although not well known or not yet have adequate facilities such as another beach, the beach is still very interesting to visit.
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The Siung Beach ( Pantai Siung ) ------ Gunung kidul, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

The Siung beach is located in a remote area in Gunung Kidul regency, the south district rather Tepus. The distance is about 70 km from the Jogjakarta city center, or about 2 hours drive. Reach this beach by motorbike or car to the choice of many people, because it is difficult to find public transportation.

One outstanding charm of the beach is rock Siung. Coral reefs are huge in the west and east coast have an important role, not only to add beauty and limiting the other shore. Coral was also the basis for naming the beach, witness the triumph of the coastal areas in the past and the charm that makes this beach is increasingly recognized, at least in the Asian region.

Most Society of Siung area has profession as a farmer salt. They rely on sea water and salts as a source of wealth livelihood.

Once entering the parking area, the visitors will be greeted by cliffs and high rocks. Unlike the other beaches in Yogyakarta, Siung Beach treats not only of white sand and calm sea water. Line of cliffs that surround the coast eligible for conquest.

Cliffs charm offered by this Siung Beach finally crowned Siung beach tourism object as a special tourism area rock climbing, symbolically identified with the house called Pondok climbers stage, a special place for the climbers who want to try out her ability here. In addition to the climbers facility, Camp Ground also available for lovers of camping activities.

Coastal areas, which have appeal to the cluster giant rocks is one of the coveted target of special interest tourism lovers of rock climbing. Many say, Siung Beach is a "paradise" for rock climbers.

this is a challenging place for you Climbers...!!!!!
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Wediombo Beach ( Pantai Wediombo ) --------- Central Java, Indonesia

Located approximately 25km to the south of the city Wonosari Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta, located in the coastal village Wediombo Jepitu,, Level II Regional Gunung Kidul District.

Wediombo located in the southern part of Java Island, Indonesia. Regions Wediombo including the easternmost region of Yogyakarta Special Province (DIY) bordering Central Java.

like the other beaches in the Gunung Kidul district, wediOmbo beach has the towering rock mountains.This beach has white sand like most tourists coupled with the shape of the bay beaches and ramps. Tourists can enjoy a panoramic sunset from the beach while enjoying the cool coastal air.

shaped bay with a wall of lush green hills. Landscape quite beautiful and suitable for lovers of "hiking" and is often used to camping and fishing. The water is also very clear, but not allowed to swim or snorkeling as 50 - 100 m from the lip
there coast trough.

so you see the beach directly, as if the world was in heaven. with a sigh of winds, waves lunge flushed, clear sky, and birds flying.

it presents a panoramic tour of the beautiful nature, do not forget to include coastal tourism wediOmbo into your vacation plans, because the guarantee you will be satisfied with its beauty.

keep vacations and keep our natural duty .... ^_^
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