The Tanjung Lesung Beach ( Pantai Tanjung Lesung ) ------- Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia

Banten province does have many resorts are very beautiful and not boring for the visit, one of which Tanjung Lesung coast.

Tanjung Lesung Coast, has a panorama of natural beach and beautiful white sand and coral unique. The atmosphere and conditions mainstay tourism area is suitable Pandeglang District water sports activities (snorkeling, diving and jetsky)

Located in the village of Tanjung Jaya, Kecamatan Panimbang, Pandeglang district, Banten province, an integrated tourist area of Tanjung Lesung can be completed in time between 2.5 hours to 3 hours from Jakarta.

For tourists who desire to enjoy the wealth of biological and underwater charm, can rent diving equipment. With diving, tourists will be amazed at the dynamic of coral reefs, jellyfish multicolored, small snails with a unique shell, and the fish that swim romp at the beach. As for tourists who want to learn how to graft the coral reefs, conservation can visit the location in the middle of the sea.

Complete facilities and no less with the two previous beach you will not make travel difficult in this beach. Facilities such as the Information Center, Lifeguard, money changer, Parking Area, banana boats, glass bottom boat, snorkeling, sea kayak, mini golf, pool, fishing pool, park, shelter, children playing area, and others.

Do not forget to include these sights in your vacation plans ....

have fun .... ^_^

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