The Srau coast ( Pantai Srau)----- Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia

The Srau coast was in the Village of Srau Pringkuku,Pacitan.
The trip was to this coast followed around one hour through a complicated road to enter the teak forest and the rural house.
the Srau coast possibly the tourist attraction that might not be passed by if we went on a trip to the Pacitan city. The Srau coast famous with his white sand that was very beautiful. Plenty of tourists who visited there moreover on the holiday day, plenty of domestic tourists and foreign that came to see the beauty of the Srau cost.

The rockhill that was high and many typical wild crops the coast that still was seen luxuriant and natural. It did not yet appear the activity of destruction by humankind. Moreover, plenty of small islands that not have inhabitants that every time hitted by the harshness of the wave.
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The Tanjung Papuma coast ( PAntai Papuma) ----Jember, East Java, Indonesia

The Tanjung Papuma coast (Papuma) was in the Sumberejo Village, Ambulu Jember, East Java, it rarely was visited by foreign and domestic tourists. In fact, plenty of beauty that was served by his nature. This white sand coast was located approximately 37 km to the south from the Jember City, or approximately 235 km from the Surabaya Cit.
The beauty of nature that was owned by Papuma coast was still being original, was not yet surrounded by many firm buildings from the concrete. Moreover, several available restaurants were around the coast built very simple.
Apart from serving beauty of nature and the row of the small islands, Papuma coast was also occupied by the wild animal, like deer, the monkey, the long tail monkey, the yellow monkey, the monitor lizard, the forest chicken, etc. This wild animal was quite deliberate was left breeding in the forest around the Papuma coast. Usually, these animals will emerge the morning or by tonight.
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Ngerenehan Beach ( Pantai Ngrenehan) ---- Gunung kidul, Jogjakarta

Was located in the village of Kanigoro, subdistrict of Saptosari, approximately 30 km on the south of the Wonosari city. A coast took the form of the gulf that was surrounded the carpet of lime hills and had the panorama that really mesmerised with the pounding of the wave jumped at white sand. The tourists could witness the activity of the fisherman's activity and enjoyed the fish was ready saji or brought the fresh fish as the present.

Still in one region with the Ngrenehan Coast approximately 1 km on the west was gotten the Ngobaran Coast and the Nguyahan Coast. Every month the full moon in the Nyepi public holiday in the Ngobaran Coast in carried out the Melasti ceremony.
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Ngobaran beach ( Pantai Ngobaran) ---- Gunung kidul, Jogjakarta

NGobaran beach that was located in the Kanigoro village the subdistrict of Saptosari, Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. It was the coast that still was natural and really great place.From Wonosari that was the Gunungkidul regency be at a distance around 35 km to the south. From the side of Yogyakarta around 65 km his distance to be able to until Ngobaran.
Ngobaran was the quite exotic coast. If the low tide, you could see the algae carpet (seaweed) both that was green and chocolate. If was seen from above, the algae carpet that grew in gaps of appearance coral like the paddy-field in the densely-populated territory. Dozens of kinds of the sea animal were also received in coral gaps, from the sea porcupine, the starfish, to the group of the shellfish.

But that was not met in the other coast. It was the attraction of his culture, from the building to the inhabitants's local food. One among them that interesting was the existence of the place of religious duties for four religions or the belief stood close. That the form of multiculturalism? Who knew.

if we are going to take a look around, we will meet a beautiful scenes in every sides. I think, this places so fantastic to visited.

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Parangtritis Coast (Pantai Parangtritis) ----- Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Parangtritis Coast, apart from being known to be natural by beauty of it coast, also was known as the place that has various legacies of the history. In a complex manner it consisted of the Parangtritis Coast, Parangkusumo, and the Gembirowati Plateau.

In Parangkusumo, it was gotten the pond hot water pool (the sulfur) that was believed in could cure various internal diseases. This pond was found and maintained by Sultan Hamengku Buwono Vii. there's any complex of shellfish diligence, the hotel was of International standard (the Queen of South); as well as the tour buggy in Parangtritis took part in adorning tourism in this territory. In a complex manner this tour could be achieved through two routes, the first Route through Kretek bridge, that was second through Imogiri and Siluk.

The location in the Parangtritis Village, Kretek district, approximately 27 Km from Yogyakarta to the south.

In the dry season, the wind blew tight as not wanting to lose to the pounding of the wave that in general be as high as 2-3 meter. Often canned be heard the news had the south coastal visitor was lost was dragged the wave. Strangely, the visitor's unlucky body, disappeared like was swallowed the earth. The Savety team in general just could find his body 2-3 days afterward after did searched. Usually, the location of the discovery of the body not to the area where this visitor was swallowed the wave. The body was found by hundreds meter, in fact sometimes several kilometer from the location originally.

The coast that including this Bantul territory was the coast that the gradient, with the rocky hill, the coast and Sandness white as well as scenery of the lime hill on the north of the coast. In this region tourists could go round the coast used bendi and the horse that was hired out and steered by the local inhabitants. Apart from being known as the place of recreation, parangtritis coast also was the place of the shrine. Many visitors who came to meditate. This coast was one of the places to carry out the Labuhan ceremony from the Yogyakarta palace.
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The Krakal coast ( Pantai Krakal) ----- Jogjakarta, Indonesia

The Krakal coast could be reached through the road along 6 kilometre from the region of the kukup coast, so as the Krakal coast was the trip link after visiting Baron's coast and the kukup coast. The distance of the Krakal coast from Yogyakarta approximately 65 kilometre and could be followed in time around 3 hours.
The trip headed thisKrakal coast also crossed the hill - the lime hill, was come between with the terrace - the terrace of the coral stone. This was the characteristics of the area of the karst that was managed by the inhabitants. Was based on the geological research, in the time that set, this area was the foundation of the ocean that by the process of the appointment that happened in kerak the earth, this seabed was increasingly long increasingly rose and finally emerged as the plateau. The stone - the visible coral rock at that time was the former house of the coral animal yanghidup in sea water at that time.
The Krakal coast was the most beautiful coast, among all the coastal carpet all along the Javanese island. This coast will be built to the coastal region and the settlement of tourists, especially foreign tourists, a kind tourist the Nusa Dua sub-area in the Balinese island. The Krakal coast, the form of it coast the gradient, has a white sand, be spread out along more than 5 kilometre. This coast accepted heat of the sun from the morning to the afternoon of the day year round. The sea breeze that breeze very cool, it wave quite big.
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Kukup Beach ( Pantai Kukup) ----- Jogjakarta, Indonesia

honestly , the scenery in Kukup beach was far more beautiful compared to P. Baron. Because all along it coast, was served by scenery vertical's rock hill that really captured with several gaps underneath that was similar to the cave.

while enter this coast, I was welcomed by several sellers of the fish that offered various fish decorated and the balloon fish that could grow like the balloon when most startled or angry. There was also the net pedlar for you who wanted to catch the fish personally.

It Was also different with Baron beach, Kukup beach had sand that his colour was white yellowish. All along the coast, the visitors many that tried his fortune looked for the fish or even the sea snail in the very shallow and rocky seashore.

But that was most interesting from this coast, we could be on the big coral stone that its location rather to the middle of sea went through a permanent bridge. On this coral stone, stood one gazebo to take shelter while gazing at sea and the wave that around the coast.

if being seen from far, big scenery of the coral stone with gazebo above this resembled the Temple in the Lot Land, Bali or the Temple on coral that was gotten in the Balekambang Coast, Malang, East Java.

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Baron Coast ( Pantai Baron) ----- Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta did not only have the Parangtritis Coast, but also several beautiful coasts, that is Baron's Coast, Pantai Kukup and the Krakal Coast. When going to Yogyakarta, I intended to visit two from three coasts, that is Baron's Coast and the Kukup Coast.

Baron's coast was located around 2-3 hours or 65 kilometre from the Yogyakarta city. Towards there, you must cross the quite winding road and went upwards. Along my road was offered quite dry and rocky hills. Baron coast was in the area of the Gunung Kidul that was famous with his lime rock.

Like in the Parangtritis Coast, Baron Coast had very black sand and was not too wide, because was pressed by coral on the other Sides. But could not play water, an echoing announcement warned the visitor to not play water too far, because the wave was high.
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Teluk Penyu Beach ( Pantai Teluk Penyu) ----Cilacap, central java, Indonesia

it placed in south Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia
for access to this place,you can take bi bus or others vehicle. it just at last 15 minutes from cilacap bus station, because only 5 km from bus station to beach location. But, if you start from cilacap city riding use taxi or car rent, its only 5 minute to reach the location because it just 2 km.

if you want to enter this place, you must pay Rp 2500 for ticket, but if you want to get fishing, there's any boat rent with pay Rp. 70.000 - Rp. 100.000 for a rent based on the time of rent.

Accommodation and facilitate within

there are many facilitate serve, like mosque, parking area, relax house, play arena for children, gazebo, fishing pool,restaurant, mini market,accessories shop and all fishing stuff rent. and if you want to buy some fish, there are many shop selling many kinds of, just enjoy this place...
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Marina Beach ( Pantai Marina) --- Semarang, Central Java

Grand Marina Beach is the recreation park. The coast that was supplemented with the swimming pool, Sky water, speed boat, and the play arena for the children. Opened every day on 24 hours .if we come to Marina coast, we could play Sky's jet and surfing , ride boat and the boat or only a relaxed rested while enjoying beauty of the coast and the pounding of the wave. In the morning this region really was suitable to play sport jogging.
The Marina coast was located at the north of the Semarang City, to be precise in the Yos Sudarso road approximately 4 km from Tugumuda, was neighbouring with the PRPP arena and Maerokoco...
it so really good place for us to relaxing, with a great scenes straight out o f sight. so, its better if you has came to Semarang city, take a look its tourism area..Grand Marina beach..
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