The Tanjung Papuma coast ( PAntai Papuma) ----Jember, East Java, Indonesia

The Tanjung Papuma coast (Papuma) was in the Sumberejo Village, Ambulu Jember, East Java, it rarely was visited by foreign and domestic tourists. In fact, plenty of beauty that was served by his nature. This white sand coast was located approximately 37 km to the south from the Jember City, or approximately 235 km from the Surabaya Cit.
The beauty of nature that was owned by Papuma coast was still being original, was not yet surrounded by many firm buildings from the concrete. Moreover, several available restaurants were around the coast built very simple.
Apart from serving beauty of nature and the row of the small islands, Papuma coast was also occupied by the wild animal, like deer, the monkey, the long tail monkey, the yellow monkey, the monitor lizard, the forest chicken, etc. This wild animal was quite deliberate was left breeding in the forest around the Papuma coast. Usually, these animals will emerge the morning or by tonight.
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