Tambakrejo beach ( pantai tambakrejo) ---------- Blitar, east java, Indonesia

Tambakrejo beach is located approximately 30 km from the Blitar town, precisely in the Tambakrejo village wonotirto district which has a beautiful place that is not less with the other beach resort in Indonesia. The visitors can enjoy the beauty of the south coast waves, and can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset was so gorgeous.

in addition, visitors can swim or rent a boat. So, the Tambakrejo beach can be an attractive holiday destination for your visit.
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PNPP ( pelabuhan perikanan nusantara pekalongan) beach ----- Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia

Pekalongan, a small town in central Java that has many natural attractions. PNPP ( pelabuhan perikanan nusantara pekalongan) beach is the other ones. It resort located at the mouth of the pekalongan harbor is include a new resort, where many buildings are still in development.PNPP is located close to the Pasir kencana beach, where scenes beauty is stunning.

PNPP has facilities including a wide parking , children play arena, flying fox, boat rentals, and the most interesting is the giant aquarium that contains a variety of fish.

Ticket to enterance is 2500 rupiah, but if visitors want to rent a boat, had to pay a ticket for 5000 rupiah , to enter the aquarium where required to pay the ticket for 5000 rupiah.

So PNPP is one beach destination is right for recreation.
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Teleng Ria Beach ( Pantai Teleng Ria) ----- Pacitan, east Java, Indonesia

Pacitan, one of East Java town in the famous city of the 1001 caves have a lot of beach tourism, one often visited by tourist is Teleng Ria beach. The distance is about 5 minutes from downtown Pacitan, access to get there very easy.You can use city buses or other vehicles.

To entry costs about 10,000 rupiah. Teleng Ria beach is very beautiful with full support facilities. such as coastal tourism, vast parking lots, amusement parks, sled rentals, and restaurants and souvenir sellers. If holiday, many tourists who come to visit this place. maybe, if you ever visit this place, you want to come back again.
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