PNPP ( pelabuhan perikanan nusantara pekalongan) beach ----- Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia

Pekalongan, a small town in central Java that has many natural attractions. PNPP ( pelabuhan perikanan nusantara pekalongan) beach is the other ones. It resort located at the mouth of the pekalongan harbor is include a new resort, where many buildings are still in development.PNPP is located close to the Pasir kencana beach, where scenes beauty is stunning.

PNPP has facilities including a wide parking , children play arena, flying fox, boat rentals, and the most interesting is the giant aquarium that contains a variety of fish.

Ticket to enterance is 2500 rupiah, but if visitors want to rent a boat, had to pay a ticket for 5000 rupiah , to enter the aquarium where required to pay the ticket for 5000 rupiah.

So PNPP is one beach destination is right for recreation.

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