Kartini Beach ( Pantai Kartini) ---Jepara, central Java

The tourist attraction of Pantai Kartini was located 2,5 km to the west from the Hall of Jepara. This tourist attraction was in the Jepara district of the subdistrict Hair and was the nature tourist attraction that became tourists's desired. Various supporting means like the quay, some the Turtle aquarium , the motel, the game of children (the comedy turned, bathed the ball, the flow boat), et cetera was available for the visitors. The atmosphere around the quite cool coast indeed gave the special impression for the visitor, so as this place really was suitable for the family's recreation or the relaxed .in this places the visitors also could have a rest with sat below gazebo while taking a walk in the fresh air with the sea breeze attack.

The region widely the land 3,5 ha this was the strategic region, because as the transport route of sea headed the Nasional Karimunjawa Marine Park tourist attraction and the Panjang Island. Immediately has been available transport means to Karimunjawa from Kartini's coastal quay that is KMP. MURIA (time followed 5 hours) and the Ship of Cepat Kartini I (time followed 2.5 hours). Moreover Kartini's Coast could not be free from some traditional event that was acknowledged as “LOMBAN”. Event this was event the culture belonging to the Jepara Regency community that took place for 1 day to be precise in the date 8 Syawal or a week after the Idul Fitri Holiday.
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Pasir Kencana beach ( Pantai Pasin Kencana)---- Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia

The location: Panjang, Pekalongan

Pasir Kencana beach was the primarly Tourist Attraction that was owned by the Government of the Pekalongan City. Was located shared a border with the Place of the Auctioning of the Fish or the Port of Perikanan Indonesian Archipelago in the Coast of Utara Java, with the distance 4,5 Km from the city/the railway station, the area of this coastal land was 3,5 Ha. The tourist attraction that was managed by the Tourist Bureau and Culture of the Pekalongan City, this was taken off for the public from 06.00 WIB – 21,00 WIB. Facilities that were available were children's toy and the playground, the stage was open, the fauna pen, the bench and the garden to relax, the stall ate, toilet and the land parked. The other tourist attraction available around the Pasir Kencana Coast was the existence of the Crematorium, Pura and fish fishponds as well as Aquarium sea fish available in the fishing Port. Here the visitor could relax while witnessing the sun rising/sank, the activity of the fisherman and his boat, playing in the garden, fished, coastal sport or just took a walk in the fresh air the fresh coast.

The visitor usually often comes on Sunday/the Holiday and the Jum’at day the morning. Each obligatory visitor paid the admission ticket with the price of Rp. 1,100.00 (the normal day); Rp. 1,600.00 (the Hill day/Libur) and Rp. 2,100.00 (on Saturday Night) as well as for all the tickets already including the Insurance.

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Widuri Beach ( Pantai Widuri)--- Pemalang, Central Java, Indonesia

Widuri was an available village in the Pemalang Subdistrict, , Central Java. The name of this village was taken from an available legend there, that is a pretty daughter nan lovely that was named Nyi Widuri. There had a climate coast cool, because all along the coastal lip grew big trees that his age has hundreds of years. From the Pemalang City town square his distance around 3 kilometre to the north.

The coast that was named Tlincing this afterwards was made the area of the tour by the Pemalang Regional Government and was given by the Widuri name, in accordance with the name of the village where the coast was. The width around 10 hectare that was surrounded by the fence. Inside was gotten the swimming pool, the arena played children, the stage for the performance of music, the tennis court, gazebo.

If visiting there, you are not only able to enjoy his nature that was beautiful and make use of vasilitate available, but also could enjoy sank him the sun (the set kiss). Moreover, And You Too could swim, fished in sea while enjoying the pounding of the wave and the sea breeze semi-winch.

There was one matter that was interesting about the area of the tour that was acknowledged as “Taman Widuri” or “Tlincing”, that is when the Idul Fitri Holiday. Could be said in the days the Pemalang community comes there, so as big his possibility of meeting the old friend. So, if someone had the friend but not where the existence and how are things, could you could meet him in Tlincing. Therefore, more intensive relations will be established again.
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the Bandengan Coast ( Pantai Bandengan)--- Jepara, Indonesia

After enjoying various games that were fun in the Bandengan Coast until before at dusk, arrived during him you enjoyed showed that mesmerised in this coast. This was to show amazing nature, that is the process sank him the sun or sunset. You could admire beauty of the sun when heading his cessation at dusk the day. The reflection of the sunlight that faded was seen in sea water with the wave that was calm in this Bandengan Coast. Torque like this often was immortalised by the photographers who by chance called in in the Coast of Bandengan Jepara.

And you too could enjoy the sun panorama sank or sunset this while enjoying food that was served in the available restaurant on the Bandengan coastal lip. One of the restaurants that was quite famous in this coast was Sunset Beach Restaurant that was established by the citizen Italia that had the wife of the local inhabitants. This restaurant was often visited by foreign tourists. You could enjoy the pizza that was typical Italia food, seafood and really Indonesia while enjoying beauty of the panorama sunset and heard the pounding of the wave at the edge of the coast. If you ate in one of the restaurants in the Bandengan Coast, then you could enter free the Bandengan coastal tourist attraction.

The Bandengan beach tourist attraction was not difficult to be visited. Regional Government Jepara provided road facilities that were good as well as the transport that was easy to head the Bandengan coastal tourist attraction. So, if you were being in Central Java, there were not mistakenly you dropped by at Jepara. While seeing beauty ukiran typical Jepara, you could drop by at the Jepara tourist attraction of the Regency mainstay that is the Bandengan Coast or that also was known as the Tirta Samudera Coast.

The Bandengan Jepara Pantai Tirta Samudera coast (Around 7 km in north the centre of the Jepara city) the Regency of Jepara
Central Java
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Bayah beach ( Pantai Bayah)--- Banten, Indonesia

The part of the Tip road of tiles in Sukabumi as far as Bayah in the Lebak Regency, Banten, that was relatively smooth with small damage in everywhere made the team's trip to really relaxed. Everything all along the winding route rose descended this his scenery was also beautiful.

The rubber garden in right left the road made the street very calm and green. The team could in fact rest in the Pelabuhan Ratu Coast that was pretty. Drinking young coconut ice direct from in the middle of the intense day was really refreshing.

The trip from Pelabuhan Ratu to Bayah Arrive in the West Java-Banten border, to be precise gazed at the Bareno Village in the Lebak Regency, scenery of the rubber plantation in right the road and the coast on the left were very beautiful. The coasts in Sukabumi quite generally astonishing although love not all could be accessed by the wider community because of the insignificance of the infrastructure.

Scenery was most exotic was in a hill close to the border where we could gaze at Pelabuhan Ratu from the height. Astonishing scenery could be enjoyed again precisely when the team will enter the Bayah Subdistrict city. While travelling on the hill, the team could enjoy the Bayah Coast that was exotic at dusk the day.
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Tanjung Kodok Beach Resort

Tanjung Kodok Beach Resort
Experience the art of modern resort
on the nortern shore of java

Jl. Raya Paciran kab. Lamongan – Jawa Timur
telp. +62 (322) 666000
fax. +62 (322) 665888

The Kodok Beach Resort cape was the only sub-area three-star-plus that was located beside the Bahari Lamongan Tour (WBL), in the north coastal bank the Javanese island to be precise in the Paciran Subdistrict, Kabupaten Lamongan, East Java with the distance around 5 hours from Semarang. The Kodok cape had coastal scenery and sea that were very beautiful with various coral stones as well as Goa scenery nature that enchanted and interesting. In the morning we could see the fisherman who was provoking and catching the fish in the seashore. During at dusk our day was spoilt with the beauty of the attraction of sea when the sun sank. Whereas time tonight we could witness gemerlap him lights of the fishermen who were looking for the fish. The Kodok Beach Resort cape his location was very strategic in the Daendeles highway that was very historic that, between Gresik headed Tuban. To one unity with the Bahari Lamongan Tour (WBL) and the Tour Goa Maharani, be at a distance only 3 km from the pilgrimage place of the Sunan Wali Grave Songo (Sunan Drajad and Sunan Sendang Dhuwur), 3 km from the white sand coast, 15 km from the pilgrimage place of the Syeh Asmoroqondi Grave, 30 km from Goa Akbar and the Sunan Bonang Grave, 2 km from the place of the auctioning of the fish (TPI) where the guests could visit and buy various fresh fish sorts for the agenda barbeque.

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