Tanjung Kodok Beach Resort

Tanjung Kodok Beach Resort
Experience the art of modern resort
on the nortern shore of java

Jl. Raya Paciran kab. Lamongan – Jawa Timur
telp. +62 (322) 666000
fax. +62 (322) 665888

The Kodok Beach Resort cape was the only sub-area three-star-plus that was located beside the Bahari Lamongan Tour (WBL), in the north coastal bank the Javanese island to be precise in the Paciran Subdistrict, Kabupaten Lamongan, East Java with the distance around 5 hours from Semarang. The Kodok cape had coastal scenery and sea that were very beautiful with various coral stones as well as Goa scenery nature that enchanted and interesting. In the morning we could see the fisherman who was provoking and catching the fish in the seashore. During at dusk our day was spoilt with the beauty of the attraction of sea when the sun sank. Whereas time tonight we could witness gemerlap him lights of the fishermen who were looking for the fish. The Kodok Beach Resort cape his location was very strategic in the Daendeles highway that was very historic that, between Gresik headed Tuban. To one unity with the Bahari Lamongan Tour (WBL) and the Tour Goa Maharani, be at a distance only 3 km from the pilgrimage place of the Sunan Wali Grave Songo (Sunan Drajad and Sunan Sendang Dhuwur), 3 km from the white sand coast, 15 km from the pilgrimage place of the Syeh Asmoroqondi Grave, 30 km from Goa Akbar and the Sunan Bonang Grave, 2 km from the place of the auctioning of the fish (TPI) where the guests could visit and buy various fresh fish sorts for the agenda barbeque.

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