Pasir Kencana beach ( Pantai Pasin Kencana)---- Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia

The location: Panjang, Pekalongan

Pasir Kencana beach was the primarly Tourist Attraction that was owned by the Government of the Pekalongan City. Was located shared a border with the Place of the Auctioning of the Fish or the Port of Perikanan Indonesian Archipelago in the Coast of Utara Java, with the distance 4,5 Km from the city/the railway station, the area of this coastal land was 3,5 Ha. The tourist attraction that was managed by the Tourist Bureau and Culture of the Pekalongan City, this was taken off for the public from 06.00 WIB – 21,00 WIB. Facilities that were available were children's toy and the playground, the stage was open, the fauna pen, the bench and the garden to relax, the stall ate, toilet and the land parked. The other tourist attraction available around the Pasir Kencana Coast was the existence of the Crematorium, Pura and fish fishponds as well as Aquarium sea fish available in the fishing Port. Here the visitor could relax while witnessing the sun rising/sank, the activity of the fisherman and his boat, playing in the garden, fished, coastal sport or just took a walk in the fresh air the fresh coast.

The visitor usually often comes on Sunday/the Holiday and the Jum’at day the morning. Each obligatory visitor paid the admission ticket with the price of Rp. 1,100.00 (the normal day); Rp. 1,600.00 (the Hill day/Libur) and Rp. 2,100.00 (on Saturday Night) as well as for all the tickets already including the Insurance.

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