Widuri Beach ( Pantai Widuri)--- Pemalang, Central Java, Indonesia

Widuri was an available village in the Pemalang Subdistrict, , Central Java. The name of this village was taken from an available legend there, that is a pretty daughter nan lovely that was named Nyi Widuri. There had a climate coast cool, because all along the coastal lip grew big trees that his age has hundreds of years. From the Pemalang City town square his distance around 3 kilometre to the north.

The coast that was named Tlincing this afterwards was made the area of the tour by the Pemalang Regional Government and was given by the Widuri name, in accordance with the name of the village where the coast was. The width around 10 hectare that was surrounded by the fence. Inside was gotten the swimming pool, the arena played children, the stage for the performance of music, the tennis court, gazebo.

If visiting there, you are not only able to enjoy his nature that was beautiful and make use of vasilitate available, but also could enjoy sank him the sun (the set kiss). Moreover, And You Too could swim, fished in sea while enjoying the pounding of the wave and the sea breeze semi-winch.

There was one matter that was interesting about the area of the tour that was acknowledged as “Taman Widuri” or “Tlincing”, that is when the Idul Fitri Holiday. Could be said in the days the Pemalang community comes there, so as big his possibility of meeting the old friend. So, if someone had the friend but not where the existence and how are things, could you could meet him in Tlincing. Therefore, more intensive relations will be established again.

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  1. yes it is, i think this beach is very beautiful place to be enjoy in. I was born in Pemalang and i grew up there until high school before i goes to big city to obtain my advance education. Beside Widuri, there was a "Jalan Tembelek", the name was given by origin peoples there. The street conjunct between Widuri and Tanjungsari, the fish harbour with many niceful objects there, such a fishermans, kids, and fish bidding surely. Those places are beutiful, but unfortunately The District's Authority less to pay more serious passion to maintain its potencies, and the coastal lip looks so dirty with plastic, foam, and any wasteful objects. I love the places and be proud my little town have this beach...... :-)