Lovina Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Lovina Beach is one of the places and sights in Buleleng is located about 9 km from the town of Singaraja. Unlike the beaches of Kuta and Sanur beach, Lovina Beach is not suitable as a place to sunbathe because there are many boat (small boat) dipinggiran lined beach. These canoes are used for activities see the attraction of dolphins (Dolphin) in the morning. Lovina Beach is unspoiled black sand so interesting to visit. What is interesting in Lovina Beach is a trip out to sea off the coast of Lovina. You can see dolphins in the waters of Lovina is located about 1 kilometer from the beach. Sea Bali in Lovina relatively calm waters so that you can tour at sea using fishing boats

Usually the tourists had gathered on the beach at around 5:30 pm to go to sea. You can hire a fishing boat that had been prepared for the journey. The journey begins with a small boat that could only carry a maximum of 4 people in addition to the fishermen. The boat will take you approximately one to two miles to the sea to where the dolphin would normally appear

In the area of Lovina, you also can dive or snorkel to enjoy the beauty of the sea on the beach. You can find a variety of ornamental fish are friendly enough to approach divers. Indeed, in Lovina marine parks are not as beautiful as any park in Indonesia. However, you will be quite happy playing with ornamental fish in these waters.

On the beach, you also can find a variety of shells that diverse. Sure you can take it to a collection of trinkets and souvenirs that are natural and attractive.
Lovina Beach can certainly be your destination. Many interesting things you can find in here like to see performances of wild dolphins in the ocean, as well as marine parks with a variety of ornamental fish. Especially if you're visiting the Soweto area, then a time to stop by to Lovina yourself and stay at least one day in there to menyaksikkan dolphin attraction in the early morning.

Have Fun.......

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Amed and Tulamben Beach, Bali , Indonesia

Not much we can do along this coast because it is very dry and rocky, but the underwater scenery is very charming and also its local population hospitality make this beach visited by many tourists.Amed and Tulamben Beach are adjacent beach, almost like asecond character of this beach. But the Amed coast is still virginand not many domestic tourists who come here. Tulamben beach is favored by the Diver who want to dive here. Because there is asunken U.S. warships and not too deep. Thus, this beach is one ofthe exotic beach retreat. Famous beach located in the northern island of Bali, the characters here is slightly different sand beach sand beach bali other woods because his black. Also very popular in here everymorning we could see a bunch of Fish Dolphins are playing on this beach, to see dolphins. we can hire a fishing boat that can be ordered in Hotel or directly to the fishermen.  Do not forget to bring a telephoto lens and wide, because it could have dolphin dolphins suddenly appeared beside you.  


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Sanur Beach,............ Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Sanur Beach, famous beach with the sun rising. Only 6 km or 15 minutes from downtown Denpasar, and can be reached by car, bike or public transport linking the city of Denpasar, Sanur beach.
Sanur area known as the beginning of the development of tourism in Bali with the presence of Inna Grand Bali Beach and other first hotel in Bali at the first time bali tourism develops.

Sanur Beach is very crowded in the visit by foreigners and tourists in the country. Sundays and holidays, the place of choice Denpasar city residents for recreation. 
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Sea Walker , Sanur, Bali , Indonesia

we will try the exciting water sports and asikdi Bali. not snorkeling, scubadiving or surfing, but this one sports Sea Walker. Exact location on the beach of Sanur. Supplies are in need enough Dive Helmets specifically designed for underwater activities such as Sea Walker. Interestingly, the activity of this one can be followed by tourists who could not swim though. you do not need to remove the glasses in the water and do not need to be able to swim because here we would run in the bottom water.  
before plunging into the sea, we will be in the briefing about the techniques - techniques while diving. then we will be in between with a pontoon boat to the Sea Walker is in the middle of the sea. Next you will be required to wear a special helmet that had supplies of oxygen. Guided by the instructor, you will be down the ladder to set foot in the ocean at a depth level of about 5-7 meters.   
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Dreamland Beach

As you enter Dreamland Beach tourist area, your eyes will be enchanted by the beauty of this beach. Hilly and rugged areas that make you look as if the lower beach area on the sea. Dreamland is a beach surrounded by cliffs towering and large rocks. When you are down the rocks and the steps to the beach, you will be dazzled by views of rock cliffs on which there is a green pasture that is high enough. Many foreign and local tourists who like to enjoy in the meadow area. Dreamland Sea region also has high and big waves. Therefore, many surfers like to surf on this beach. Dreamland is also one surfing destination in Bali.

Dreamland was in the village of Pecatu, Badung regency, located in the southern island of Bali. You can reach this beach is about 30 minutes from Kuta Beach at Jimbaran. The beach is still beautiful and natural is located at the southern tip of South Badung. You'll find this beach on the way to the famous temple in Bali, Pura Uluwatu.

If you want to stay, at the Dreamland area there are dozens of resorts and villas that stand as a supporter of tourism that continues to bergeliat at Dreamland Beach. Some resorts and villas standing on the cliff so you can enjoy beautiful coastal scenery from the top of the cliff.
According to tour guide there, Dreamland is the only place in Bali that use of International Law. So the rules at this beach is more free. Visitors can consume alcohol or to bare-chested women on this beach without prosecution.
So you can enjoy a place that is so natural and like a dream.
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