Blendung Beach ( Pantai Blendung) -------- pemalang, Central Java, Indonesia

Central Java has many resorts, the tourism mountains, beaches, culinary to cultural tourism.the other one is Blendung beach, it located in pemalang city, precisely located in the Blendung Village,Ulujami, Pemalang, or about 26 KM north east of the Pemalang Capital City . Accessing to the Blendung beach attractions is easy, from the junction of Highway Ambokulon North Coast (Pantura) to the north with riding a motorcycle only takes about 15 minutes.

Blendung beach is still under development, there are many complementary buildings unfinished. however, its natural beauty is the main attraction. as well as general tourist attractions, the Blendung beach area many food stalls or food and beverage vendors, where children play, and others. for you who have travel plans to the central java, Blendung beach can make a reference in a suitable resort for a vacation.
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Widarapayung Beach ( Pantai Widarapayung)------- Cilacap, central Java, Indonesia

Widarapayung Beach
To get accessing into Widarapayung Beach is very easy. we can use public transport bus Cilacap - Gombong or personal vehicle because it is located in the South Cross Road - South.
From the east: across the border Kebumen (Logending Beach) - Cilacap (jetis Beach) Bridge crossing Bodo river - to the west - to the location on the left side of the road.
From the west: from the City of Cilacap - Adipala - to the east toward the district. Newbie - reach the location on the right path.

Existing facilities at Pantai Indah Widarapayung: paved roads, Shelter (shelter), relay of View, Swimming Pool, Parking, Public Eating, and Traditional Art.
This coastal region is not too wide.But, existing facilities such as sufficient public toilets, parking, restaurants, swimming pools, bathhouses and etc.Beside that , the scenery is beautiful enough to offset the number of green trees on the beach lips.
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Jetis Beach ( Pantai Jetis)--------- Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia

Cilacap, a small town which has many tourist beaches, the other one is Jetis Beach. it located at Jetis village sub Nusuwangu. This beach has a unique location and strategic because it nearer with the Logending beach, Kebumen. This beach stretches along the nearly 3 km and has a 2 entrance locations. If this entrance, visitors can enjoy the panorama of the Bodo outfall that become border of Cilacap and Kebumen .
Meanwhile, if the visitor enters from the west door after walking / driving more or less along the 450 m from the end of the driveway, could also enjoy panoramic views of natural beaches.
other than beach panorama, the visitors can also ride a horse rental. with Rp. 5000, - visitors can pay for ride back and forth along the shore a distance of about 3 km. So, Jetis beach is the one place that may you must write on your vacation places plan.
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Petanahan beach ( Pantai Petanahan) ------- Kebumen city, Central Java, Indonesia

Kebumen city, small town in central Java is interesting. has many natural tourist beautiful.
the other one is petanahan Beach, the place that you must visit if you're on kebumen city.

Petanahan beach is located 17 Km Southwest Kebumen City. its very easy to accessing to the this place. With big waves, Petanahan Beach has its own charm. At this location also features an open stage for the events of folk art.

After a walk through a vast beach, watching the sea waves , we can see it by sitting relaxed on the beach mountain that there are plants surrounding pine and pandanus trees that have their own myths.
with natural scene and wonderful, friendly people and absolutely delicious foods. Petanahan beach is perfect for those who want refreshing or unwind vacation
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