Blendung Beach ( Pantai Blendung) -------- pemalang, Central Java, Indonesia

Central Java has many resorts, the tourism mountains, beaches, culinary to cultural tourism.the other one is Blendung beach, it located in pemalang city, precisely located in the Blendung Village,Ulujami, Pemalang, or about 26 KM north east of the Pemalang Capital City . Accessing to the Blendung beach attractions is easy, from the junction of Highway Ambokulon North Coast (Pantura) to the north with riding a motorcycle only takes about 15 minutes.

Blendung beach is still under development, there are many complementary buildings unfinished. however, its natural beauty is the main attraction. as well as general tourist attractions, the Blendung beach area many food stalls or food and beverage vendors, where children play, and others. for you who have travel plans to the central java, Blendung beach can make a reference in a suitable resort for a vacation.

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