Jetis Beach ( Pantai Jetis)--------- Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia

Cilacap, a small town which has many tourist beaches, the other one is Jetis Beach. it located at Jetis village sub Nusuwangu. This beach has a unique location and strategic because it nearer with the Logending beach, Kebumen. This beach stretches along the nearly 3 km and has a 2 entrance locations. If this entrance, visitors can enjoy the panorama of the Bodo outfall that become border of Cilacap and Kebumen .
Meanwhile, if the visitor enters from the west door after walking / driving more or less along the 450 m from the end of the driveway, could also enjoy panoramic views of natural beaches.
other than beach panorama, the visitors can also ride a horse rental. with Rp. 5000, - visitors can pay for ride back and forth along the shore a distance of about 3 km. So, Jetis beach is the one place that may you must write on your vacation places plan.

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