Widarapayung Beach ( Pantai Widarapayung)------- Cilacap, central Java, Indonesia

Widarapayung Beach
To get accessing into Widarapayung Beach is very easy. we can use public transport bus Cilacap - Gombong or personal vehicle because it is located in the South Cross Road - South.
From the east: across the border Kebumen (Logending Beach) - Cilacap (jetis Beach) Bridge crossing Bodo river - to the west - to the location on the left side of the road.
From the west: from the City of Cilacap - Adipala - to the east toward the district. Newbie - reach the location on the right path.

Existing facilities at Pantai Indah Widarapayung: paved roads, Shelter (shelter), relay of View, Swimming Pool, Parking, Public Eating, and Traditional Art.
This coastal region is not too wide.But, existing facilities such as sufficient public toilets, parking, restaurants, swimming pools, bathhouses and etc.Beside that , the scenery is beautiful enough to offset the number of green trees on the beach lips.


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