Rancah Babakan Beach ( Pantai Rancah Babakan ) ------- Nusa Kambangan Island, Indonesia

Located at the western tip of the island of Nusakambangan which is 35 km from the Sodong port. For the beach is through the strait flow Nusakambangan - Segara Anakan through the village of Kampung Laut subdistrict of Klaces.

The Rancah Babakan Coast belonging unspoiled beaches because not many tourists visiting the beach, because that's the path that led to the beach yet adequate.Therefore, the handling is still required the government to open access to this beach so it can be easily and sights to be visited by tourists. So as to provide income for the region.
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Permisan Beach ( Pantai Permisan ) ------ Nusa Kambangan Island, Indonesia

Along the south coast there Nusakambangan exotic white sand beaches, and nature reserves ,Permisan Beach, Karang Bandung. Awesomeness of Nusakambangan island also save one million natural charm and exoticism of interest.The Permisan beach on the island there is also exactly south Nusakambangan Permisan LP. This beach is still very natural not much contaminated by human.

for going To the Permisan beach, the tourists can use the ship or boat crossing from Port or Port Wijayakusuma Lomanis to Sodong Nusakambangan, Pier that is the entrance point on the island's land followed by private vehicle or charter party to the Permisan.Personal vehicle that carries not have to worry over a landline in Nusakambangan. Smooth asphalt leading to the beach as far Permisan 30 miles from the pier.

Nusakambangan scenic beauty felt since leaving the dock Sodong. Natural shades with a grove of trees and birds singing that sounded vaguely similar, making the journey to the Permisan beach not tiring.

Although opened to tourists, "specificity" Nusakambangan Island remains valid. Tourists can not just go into the area of the island without permission. For to Permisan Beach, tourists should come in at least 20 people in groups

Because the "specificity" status also Nusakambangan Island, tourists are not only driven guide from tourism bureau. They also have a prison officer escorted tours to the object that will be visited. "It's related to the safety of tourist. It's the prison officers who knew exactly about the conditions on the island, especially the beach.

based on many sources
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Sempu Island ( Pulau Sempu ) --------- Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Sempu Island, is a small island located south of Java Island. The island is located in the area of Malang regency, East Java. Currently Sempu as a natural reserve areas protected by the government. On the island there are more than 80 species of protected birds and also there are other animals such as wild boar, deer, monkey also Java and if lucky enough to see the traces of the leopard.

The uniqueness of this tour the island was low tide when we could be crossing from Java to the Sempu island . Visitors are crossed out and back in the morning and afternoon, because the crossing could only be done at the moment and not even more than at 16.00 pm.

It has a natural atmosphere, beautiful and not a single building standing on this island like accommodation, restaurants and so on

From the Sendang Biru is being able to rent our boat for 40rb (round trip) to take across to the island Sempu with a maximum capacity of 15 people.

There are any the lake called Segara Anakan. This place is more like a small lake surrounded by high rocks that restrict the open sea, south sea or a wavy sea of Indonesia.

some place common visited in Sempu Island:
On the island there Sempu 3rd place (to my knowledge) that is commonly visited
- Segara Anakan (already reviewed above)
- Waru-waru small beach on the outskirts of the coastal island of Sempu (for camping etc.) dealing with the island of Java)
- Lele Lake, freshwater source for the 'builders fishing,

..... do not forget .. keep the environment clean ... ^_^
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The Kondang Merak Beach ( Pantai Kondang Merak ) ------ Malangt, East Java, Indonesia

The Kondang Merak beach is an unspoiled beach. Wide beach with white sand that is still clean, friendly waves, coastal beaches by shady trees and rocks that large-scale looks very solid and very pretty.
Kondang Merak beach is a beautiful beach located on the near to the balekambang beach.

The Kondang Merak beach is about 65 km south of Malang. The place could be taken approximately 2.5 hours by four-wheel drive or two wheel. Need more skill for motorists passing through the macadam road filled with broken stone.

Coastal communities in this place livelihood as fishermen. Maybe they sell fresh fish at the beach with a Sendang biru centers Fish Market. While small fish processed into fish sauce, and sold to the nearest market. In addition to tourists not known, the location of the Kondang Merak beach 's quite difficult to reach. There is no proper means to get there.

Here there are only 2 public toilet, 1 Mosque, 1 'inn' with 4 rooms, and 2 food stalls. So, for that would travel over here I think need to carry more stock.
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The Sendang Biru Beach ( Pantai Sendang Biru ) ----- Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Sendang biru beach is located in District SUMBERMANJING Wetan presents as an object of this beach resort is located 69 km, south of the city of Malang, through Turen, and SUMBERMANJING Wetan. Sendang biru beach is also known as fish landing sites and fish auction Malang Regency.
This beach facing Sempu Island. Distance both only separated by a narrow strait. The distance between the Sendang biru beach and Sempu island highly suitable for boating or water sports other coastal

This beach is called Sendang biru Beach because this beach is a source of water or more commonly known in the Java language Sendang biru.
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The Bajulmati beach ( Pantai Bajulmati ) ----- Malang, East Java, Indonesia

The Bajulmati beach is located in District Gedangan, approximately 58 km to the south of the city of Malang.This beach has many advantages which bays have a very beautiful, the wind is also soothing. because of the beautiful bajulmati beach the many tourists who visit this beach,to many visitor from domestic tourists and foreign tourists. Bajulmati beach is also a good place for camping.
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Balekambang Beach ( Pantai Balekambang ) ------- Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Balekambang beach is located in District BANTUR ± 65 km, south of the city of Malang. This beach can be achieved through the Gondanglegi District and BANTUR District , proceed to the Srigonco village.

Balekambang coast is quite wonderful. This is supported with adequate facilities, parking area, camping ground, souvenir shops, restaurants, public toilets, office information, simple bungalows, swimming pools and earth scout camp, mosque and the hall. When low tide with a clear look ornamental fish and some other sea animals huddled on the sidelines of the rock. On the opposite coast of the island there are three in a row to the west of the island Ismoyo, Wisanggeni islands and Anoman island. In the month of Suro, a crowded beach in Balekambang tourists come, both from domestic and foreign.

The beach is quite big waves and there are some steep parts of the beach inside. But do not worry because in a dangerous part marked a red flag, so do not try to swim.
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Tamban Beach ( Pantai Tamban ) --------- Malang, East Java, Indonesia

South Malang city is also a coastal village located in Tambakrejo, Sub Wetan SUMBERMANJING .its called Tamban Beach, This beach compared to the Balekambang beach and Ngliyep Beach, is still not so well known and still rarely tourists visiting there.

This beach is really natural. Amendments beach has white sand beautiful sparkling sunshine forged. The tourists also can see the island through the Coast Sempu Amendments. This area suitable for camping. so, it make this place so different with other famous beach.
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Ngliyep Beach ( Pantai Ngliyep )-------- Malang, East Java, Indonesia

The South of Malang city there are some very beautiful beach, one of which is Ngliyep beach. The distance is about 62 km from the city of Malang, the more precisely located in the Village Kedungsalam, Donomuyo District.

Every tourist who comes to rest on a small island called "Gunung Kombang" while enjoying the beauty of the twilight atmosphere.

Ngliyep beach also has a tourist attraction which is typical of a traditional event held every year which coincides with the date 12 Maulud (in Java) is Labuhan ceremony. The ceremony was performed by villagers Kedungsalam with diverse offerings and accompanied by Reog (jaranan) and the guards who wear traditional clothes

Tourists who come to the beach tourism object Ngliyep banned swimming at the beach, because the waves on the south coast are generally very dangerous.with big waves and beaches famous's danger coupled with the cool air, making Ngliyep Beach Park is very familiar and foreign tourists. And also with the construction of play facilities for children and viewing post to make the tourists get satisfaction in doing the tour.
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Nampu Beach ( Pantai Nampu ) ----- Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia

Wonogiri district in the region there is only 2 beaches and the Coast Nampu Coast Sembukan in the Area Sub Paranggupito Giritontro south from a distance - + 15 Km. Access tujuanpun place now very easy, although the road is steep and narrow.

- Road pavement up to the location
- Beach with white sand
- A beautiful natural panorama
- The path to the beach
- Access road to the other shore
- Toilet Facilities
- Parking area
- Sources of fresh water Nampu
- Signs navigate to Coast Nampu
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The Sembukan Beach ( Pantai Sembukan) -------------- Sembukan Village, Paranggupito, Wonogiri. Central Java, Indonesia

Wonogiri District is the only district / city in the Surakarta region that have beach.The Sembukan Beach is located in Paranggupito District approximately 40 km to the south City of Wonogiri or 2 hours drive.

The Way to the beach from Giritontro Sembukan towards to the south, the road to Paranggupito District from 1992 until now has not changed, winding, up and down, a lot of holes and narrow road.

The Sembukan beach known as the bustling beaches visited by people to meditate and hope many blessing.The Sembukan beach away from the Paranggupito District Office approximately 3.5 km, also at certain times held a float which is also followed by the wayangan.

Based on the story said that the ritual attractions this Sembukan beach is the 13th gateway to the kingdom of the Queen of the South ( Ratu kidul) . These gates in use for over Kanjeng Ratu Kidul while attending a meeting with the Kings of Kasunanan Surakarta (Pakubuwono).

FACILITIES: Places of worship, Toilet, Parking Area.
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Ciputih Beach ( Pantai Ciputih) Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia

West Java, the province's a lot of tourist attractions to visit. of nature tourism mountains, beaches, culture, modern tourism was even there. Area Tours in Pandeglang district, located in the western end of Java Island there is a lot of beautiful white sandy beach.
located 6 hours from the city of Jakarta, and perhaps the long journey that will make us bored, but boredom will disappear when we arrived at the destination or location ciputih beach. not to worry, because it was built Ciputih complete beach resort at affordable prices.

do not forget to include these sights in your vacation plans, because it is very suitable place to unwind, vacation, having fun, etc.
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