The Kondang Merak Beach ( Pantai Kondang Merak ) ------ Malangt, East Java, Indonesia

The Kondang Merak beach is an unspoiled beach. Wide beach with white sand that is still clean, friendly waves, coastal beaches by shady trees and rocks that large-scale looks very solid and very pretty.
Kondang Merak beach is a beautiful beach located on the near to the balekambang beach.

The Kondang Merak beach is about 65 km south of Malang. The place could be taken approximately 2.5 hours by four-wheel drive or two wheel. Need more skill for motorists passing through the macadam road filled with broken stone.

Coastal communities in this place livelihood as fishermen. Maybe they sell fresh fish at the beach with a Sendang biru centers Fish Market. While small fish processed into fish sauce, and sold to the nearest market. In addition to tourists not known, the location of the Kondang Merak beach 's quite difficult to reach. There is no proper means to get there.

Here there are only 2 public toilet, 1 Mosque, 1 'inn' with 4 rooms, and 2 food stalls. So, for that would travel over here I think need to carry more stock.

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