Balekambang Beach ( Pantai Balekambang ) ------- Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Balekambang beach is located in District BANTUR ± 65 km, south of the city of Malang. This beach can be achieved through the Gondanglegi District and BANTUR District , proceed to the Srigonco village.

Balekambang coast is quite wonderful. This is supported with adequate facilities, parking area, camping ground, souvenir shops, restaurants, public toilets, office information, simple bungalows, swimming pools and earth scout camp, mosque and the hall. When low tide with a clear look ornamental fish and some other sea animals huddled on the sidelines of the rock. On the opposite coast of the island there are three in a row to the west of the island Ismoyo, Wisanggeni islands and Anoman island. In the month of Suro, a crowded beach in Balekambang tourists come, both from domestic and foreign.

The beach is quite big waves and there are some steep parts of the beach inside. But do not worry because in a dangerous part marked a red flag, so do not try to swim.

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