The Sembukan Beach ( Pantai Sembukan) -------------- Sembukan Village, Paranggupito, Wonogiri. Central Java, Indonesia

Wonogiri District is the only district / city in the Surakarta region that have beach.The Sembukan Beach is located in Paranggupito District approximately 40 km to the south City of Wonogiri or 2 hours drive.

The Way to the beach from Giritontro Sembukan towards to the south, the road to Paranggupito District from 1992 until now has not changed, winding, up and down, a lot of holes and narrow road.

The Sembukan beach known as the bustling beaches visited by people to meditate and hope many blessing.The Sembukan beach away from the Paranggupito District Office approximately 3.5 km, also at certain times held a float which is also followed by the wayangan.

Based on the story said that the ritual attractions this Sembukan beach is the 13th gateway to the kingdom of the Queen of the South ( Ratu kidul) . These gates in use for over Kanjeng Ratu Kidul while attending a meeting with the Kings of Kasunanan Surakarta (Pakubuwono).

FACILITIES: Places of worship, Toilet, Parking Area.

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