Sempu Island ( Pulau Sempu ) --------- Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Sempu Island, is a small island located south of Java Island. The island is located in the area of Malang regency, East Java. Currently Sempu as a natural reserve areas protected by the government. On the island there are more than 80 species of protected birds and also there are other animals such as wild boar, deer, monkey also Java and if lucky enough to see the traces of the leopard.

The uniqueness of this tour the island was low tide when we could be crossing from Java to the Sempu island . Visitors are crossed out and back in the morning and afternoon, because the crossing could only be done at the moment and not even more than at 16.00 pm.

It has a natural atmosphere, beautiful and not a single building standing on this island like accommodation, restaurants and so on

From the Sendang Biru is being able to rent our boat for 40rb (round trip) to take across to the island Sempu with a maximum capacity of 15 people.

There are any the lake called Segara Anakan. This place is more like a small lake surrounded by high rocks that restrict the open sea, south sea or a wavy sea of Indonesia.

some place common visited in Sempu Island:
On the island there Sempu 3rd place (to my knowledge) that is commonly visited
- Segara Anakan (already reviewed above)
- Waru-waru small beach on the outskirts of the coastal island of Sempu (for camping etc.) dealing with the island of Java)
- Lele Lake, freshwater source for the 'builders fishing,

..... do not forget .. keep the environment clean ... ^_^

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