Ngliyep Beach ( Pantai Ngliyep )-------- Malang, East Java, Indonesia

The South of Malang city there are some very beautiful beach, one of which is Ngliyep beach. The distance is about 62 km from the city of Malang, the more precisely located in the Village Kedungsalam, Donomuyo District.

Every tourist who comes to rest on a small island called "Gunung Kombang" while enjoying the beauty of the twilight atmosphere.

Ngliyep beach also has a tourist attraction which is typical of a traditional event held every year which coincides with the date 12 Maulud (in Java) is Labuhan ceremony. The ceremony was performed by villagers Kedungsalam with diverse offerings and accompanied by Reog (jaranan) and the guards who wear traditional clothes

Tourists who come to the beach tourism object Ngliyep banned swimming at the beach, because the waves on the south coast are generally very dangerous.with big waves and beaches famous's danger coupled with the cool air, making Ngliyep Beach Park is very familiar and foreign tourists. And also with the construction of play facilities for children and viewing post to make the tourists get satisfaction in doing the tour.

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  1. Indah sekali nih pantai kayak di Batu hiu- pangandaran hehe