Bayah beach ( Pantai Bayah)--- Banten, Indonesia

The part of the Tip road of tiles in Sukabumi as far as Bayah in the Lebak Regency, Banten, that was relatively smooth with small damage in everywhere made the team's trip to really relaxed. Everything all along the winding route rose descended this his scenery was also beautiful.

The rubber garden in right left the road made the street very calm and green. The team could in fact rest in the Pelabuhan Ratu Coast that was pretty. Drinking young coconut ice direct from in the middle of the intense day was really refreshing.

The trip from Pelabuhan Ratu to Bayah Arrive in the West Java-Banten border, to be precise gazed at the Bareno Village in the Lebak Regency, scenery of the rubber plantation in right the road and the coast on the left were very beautiful. The coasts in Sukabumi quite generally astonishing although love not all could be accessed by the wider community because of the insignificance of the infrastructure.

Scenery was most exotic was in a hill close to the border where we could gaze at Pelabuhan Ratu from the height. Astonishing scenery could be enjoyed again precisely when the team will enter the Bayah Subdistrict city. While travelling on the hill, the team could enjoy the Bayah Coast that was exotic at dusk the day.

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