Kartini Beach ( Pantai Kartini) ---Jepara, central Java

The tourist attraction of Pantai Kartini was located 2,5 km to the west from the Hall of Jepara. This tourist attraction was in the Jepara district of the subdistrict Hair and was the nature tourist attraction that became tourists's desired. Various supporting means like the quay, some the Turtle aquarium , the motel, the game of children (the comedy turned, bathed the ball, the flow boat), et cetera was available for the visitors. The atmosphere around the quite cool coast indeed gave the special impression for the visitor, so as this place really was suitable for the family's recreation or the relaxed .in this places the visitors also could have a rest with sat below gazebo while taking a walk in the fresh air with the sea breeze attack.

The region widely the land 3,5 ha this was the strategic region, because as the transport route of sea headed the Nasional Karimunjawa Marine Park tourist attraction and the Panjang Island. Immediately has been available transport means to Karimunjawa from Kartini's coastal quay that is KMP. MURIA (time followed 5 hours) and the Ship of Cepat Kartini I (time followed 2.5 hours). Moreover Kartini's Coast could not be free from some traditional event that was acknowledged as “LOMBAN”. Event this was event the culture belonging to the Jepara Regency community that took place for 1 day to be precise in the date 8 Syawal or a week after the Idul Fitri Holiday.

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