the Bandengan Coast ( Pantai Bandengan)--- Jepara, Indonesia

After enjoying various games that were fun in the Bandengan Coast until before at dusk, arrived during him you enjoyed showed that mesmerised in this coast. This was to show amazing nature, that is the process sank him the sun or sunset. You could admire beauty of the sun when heading his cessation at dusk the day. The reflection of the sunlight that faded was seen in sea water with the wave that was calm in this Bandengan Coast. Torque like this often was immortalised by the photographers who by chance called in in the Coast of Bandengan Jepara.

And you too could enjoy the sun panorama sank or sunset this while enjoying food that was served in the available restaurant on the Bandengan coastal lip. One of the restaurants that was quite famous in this coast was Sunset Beach Restaurant that was established by the citizen Italia that had the wife of the local inhabitants. This restaurant was often visited by foreign tourists. You could enjoy the pizza that was typical Italia food, seafood and really Indonesia while enjoying beauty of the panorama sunset and heard the pounding of the wave at the edge of the coast. If you ate in one of the restaurants in the Bandengan Coast, then you could enter free the Bandengan coastal tourist attraction.

The Bandengan beach tourist attraction was not difficult to be visited. Regional Government Jepara provided road facilities that were good as well as the transport that was easy to head the Bandengan coastal tourist attraction. So, if you were being in Central Java, there were not mistakenly you dropped by at Jepara. While seeing beauty ukiran typical Jepara, you could drop by at the Jepara tourist attraction of the Regency mainstay that is the Bandengan Coast or that also was known as the Tirta Samudera Coast.

The Bandengan Jepara Pantai Tirta Samudera coast (Around 7 km in north the centre of the Jepara city) the Regency of Jepara
Central Java

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