The Srau coast ( Pantai Srau)----- Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia

The Srau coast was in the Village of Srau Pringkuku,Pacitan.
The trip was to this coast followed around one hour through a complicated road to enter the teak forest and the rural house.
the Srau coast possibly the tourist attraction that might not be passed by if we went on a trip to the Pacitan city. The Srau coast famous with his white sand that was very beautiful. Plenty of tourists who visited there moreover on the holiday day, plenty of domestic tourists and foreign that came to see the beauty of the Srau cost.

The rockhill that was high and many typical wild crops the coast that still was seen luxuriant and natural. It did not yet appear the activity of destruction by humankind. Moreover, plenty of small islands that not have inhabitants that every time hitted by the harshness of the wave.
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