Parangtritis Coast (Pantai Parangtritis) ----- Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Parangtritis Coast, apart from being known to be natural by beauty of it coast, also was known as the place that has various legacies of the history. In a complex manner it consisted of the Parangtritis Coast, Parangkusumo, and the Gembirowati Plateau.

In Parangkusumo, it was gotten the pond hot water pool (the sulfur) that was believed in could cure various internal diseases. This pond was found and maintained by Sultan Hamengku Buwono Vii. there's any complex of shellfish diligence, the hotel was of International standard (the Queen of South); as well as the tour buggy in Parangtritis took part in adorning tourism in this territory. In a complex manner this tour could be achieved through two routes, the first Route through Kretek bridge, that was second through Imogiri and Siluk.

The location in the Parangtritis Village, Kretek district, approximately 27 Km from Yogyakarta to the south.

In the dry season, the wind blew tight as not wanting to lose to the pounding of the wave that in general be as high as 2-3 meter. Often canned be heard the news had the south coastal visitor was lost was dragged the wave. Strangely, the visitor's unlucky body, disappeared like was swallowed the earth. The Savety team in general just could find his body 2-3 days afterward after did searched. Usually, the location of the discovery of the body not to the area where this visitor was swallowed the wave. The body was found by hundreds meter, in fact sometimes several kilometer from the location originally.

The coast that including this Bantul territory was the coast that the gradient, with the rocky hill, the coast and Sandness white as well as scenery of the lime hill on the north of the coast. In this region tourists could go round the coast used bendi and the horse that was hired out and steered by the local inhabitants. Apart from being known as the place of recreation, parangtritis coast also was the place of the shrine. Many visitors who came to meditate. This coast was one of the places to carry out the Labuhan ceremony from the Yogyakarta palace.

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