The Krakal coast ( Pantai Krakal) ----- Jogjakarta, Indonesia

The Krakal coast could be reached through the road along 6 kilometre from the region of the kukup coast, so as the Krakal coast was the trip link after visiting Baron's coast and the kukup coast. The distance of the Krakal coast from Yogyakarta approximately 65 kilometre and could be followed in time around 3 hours.
The trip headed thisKrakal coast also crossed the hill - the lime hill, was come between with the terrace - the terrace of the coral stone. This was the characteristics of the area of the karst that was managed by the inhabitants. Was based on the geological research, in the time that set, this area was the foundation of the ocean that by the process of the appointment that happened in kerak the earth, this seabed was increasingly long increasingly rose and finally emerged as the plateau. The stone - the visible coral rock at that time was the former house of the coral animal yanghidup in sea water at that time.
The Krakal coast was the most beautiful coast, among all the coastal carpet all along the Javanese island. This coast will be built to the coastal region and the settlement of tourists, especially foreign tourists, a kind tourist the Nusa Dua sub-area in the Balinese island. The Krakal coast, the form of it coast the gradient, has a white sand, be spread out along more than 5 kilometre. This coast accepted heat of the sun from the morning to the afternoon of the day year round. The sea breeze that breeze very cool, it wave quite big.

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