Teluk Penyu Beach ( Pantai Teluk Penyu) ----Cilacap, central java, Indonesia

it placed in south Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia
for access to this place,you can take bi bus or others vehicle. it just at last 15 minutes from cilacap bus station, because only 5 km from bus station to beach location. But, if you start from cilacap city riding use taxi or car rent, its only 5 minute to reach the location because it just 2 km.

if you want to enter this place, you must pay Rp 2500 for ticket, but if you want to get fishing, there's any boat rent with pay Rp. 70.000 - Rp. 100.000 for a rent based on the time of rent.

Accommodation and facilitate within

there are many facilitate serve, like mosque, parking area, relax house, play arena for children, gazebo, fishing pool,restaurant, mini market,accessories shop and all fishing stuff rent. and if you want to buy some fish, there are many shop selling many kinds of, just enjoy this place...

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