Kukup Beach ( Pantai Kukup) ----- Jogjakarta, Indonesia

honestly , the scenery in Kukup beach was far more beautiful compared to P. Baron. Because all along it coast, was served by scenery vertical's rock hill that really captured with several gaps underneath that was similar to the cave.

while enter this coast, I was welcomed by several sellers of the fish that offered various fish decorated and the balloon fish that could grow like the balloon when most startled or angry. There was also the net pedlar for you who wanted to catch the fish personally.

It Was also different with Baron beach, Kukup beach had sand that his colour was white yellowish. All along the coast, the visitors many that tried his fortune looked for the fish or even the sea snail in the very shallow and rocky seashore.

But that was most interesting from this coast, we could be on the big coral stone that its location rather to the middle of sea went through a permanent bridge. On this coral stone, stood one gazebo to take shelter while gazing at sea and the wave that around the coast.

if being seen from far, big scenery of the coral stone with gazebo above this resembled the Temple in the Lot Land, Bali or the Temple on coral that was gotten in the Balekambang Coast, Malang, East Java.

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