Ngobaran beach ( Pantai Ngobaran) ---- Gunung kidul, Jogjakarta

NGobaran beach that was located in the Kanigoro village the subdistrict of Saptosari, Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. It was the coast that still was natural and really great place.From Wonosari that was the Gunungkidul regency be at a distance around 35 km to the south. From the side of Yogyakarta around 65 km his distance to be able to until Ngobaran.
Ngobaran was the quite exotic coast. If the low tide, you could see the algae carpet (seaweed) both that was green and chocolate. If was seen from above, the algae carpet that grew in gaps of appearance coral like the paddy-field in the densely-populated territory. Dozens of kinds of the sea animal were also received in coral gaps, from the sea porcupine, the starfish, to the group of the shellfish.

But that was not met in the other coast. It was the attraction of his culture, from the building to the inhabitants's local food. One among them that interesting was the existence of the place of religious duties for four religions or the belief stood close. That the form of multiculturalism? Who knew.

if we are going to take a look around, we will meet a beautiful scenes in every sides. I think, this places so fantastic to visited.

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