Baron Coast ( Pantai Baron) ----- Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta did not only have the Parangtritis Coast, but also several beautiful coasts, that is Baron's Coast, Pantai Kukup and the Krakal Coast. When going to Yogyakarta, I intended to visit two from three coasts, that is Baron's Coast and the Kukup Coast.

Baron's coast was located around 2-3 hours or 65 kilometre from the Yogyakarta city. Towards there, you must cross the quite winding road and went upwards. Along my road was offered quite dry and rocky hills. Baron coast was in the area of the Gunung Kidul that was famous with his lime rock.

Like in the Parangtritis Coast, Baron Coast had very black sand and was not too wide, because was pressed by coral on the other Sides. But could not play water, an echoing announcement warned the visitor to not play water too far, because the wave was high.

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