The Tanjung Kait beach ( pantai Tanjung Kait ) --------- Tanggerang, Indonesia

The Tanjung Kait beach is located in the Tanjung Anom Village Sub Mauk, Tangerang District. Its a beach that has become a paradise of seafood lovers, here you are offered to enjoy a variety of grilled seafood on a floating restaurant while watching fishing boats dock and sunset in the evening.

There are any Tourist facilities are available such as hotels, Cafeteria, and floating restaurants along the coast of Tanjung Kait.

there are any the temple, although there are older than 3.5 centuries but still standing strong and still in use for the temple by Buddhists as well as a tourist attraction.
in addition, there is a place where the fishermen can take a fishing hobbies and his passion for fishing at sea, the fishermen there also served rental service their boats for the fishermen, with time and variation boat rental rates according to agreement.

ehmm... fell Fresh air from the sea, coconut trees that bear fruit in the dense interesting to enjoy. The countryside is felt here because people are ready to welcome visitors with their daily circumstances. Surf beach and the wind is generally good in the advantage of to make recreational use of motorized boats out to sea...

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