Sepanjang Beach ( Pantai Sepanjang ) -------------- Wonosari, Gunung Kidul, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

uhmmmmmm..... Jogjakarta,, amazing city that has various tourism places... after we had step on baron, krakal, kukup and other beach before,this time we are landing on Sepanjang Beach. the other amazing place to visited. prepare your self and....LETS GO...... ^_^

it located at Wonosari, Gunung Kidul,Jogjakarta,Central Java. Throughout the beach is one beach that had just opened. The name "Sepanjang" is given because the characteristic of this coast which has the longest coastline among all the beaches in Gunung Kidul Regency.

Bali has one famous beach called Kuta Beach,, But, Jogjakarta too, it has amazing beach so many visitors call this beach Second Kuta beach,, but I thing this place has more ( hehehehe Just my opinion ). Sepanjang Beach has more natural view, you will still be able to search the cliffs to find various types of shellfish (molluscs) and starfish (Echinodermata). You'll also be able to find a limpet on the rock around the coast and uprooted seaweed embedded.

Throughout a long coastline, white sand, and a natural waves ,,You can just choose, want to sunbathe on the sand enjoying the sun, cutting the waves with a surfboard, or just see the beauty of the beach. Everything you enjoy it arrived at the beach a few miles from the Sundak beach.

.......uhmmmm..... i can't say anymore..... just One word " AMAZING AND WONDERFUL" ....i think its more than one word heheheh :)

so its a good place to visited .... Have fun .. !!!!!

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