Parangkusumo beach ( Pantai Parangkusumo) ------------- Jogjakarta, Indonesia

.......... Indonesia has too many myth stories, from sabang till merauke province has a special myth or legend that connected with a particular place.
Parangkusumo beach, the other amazing beach in Jogjakarta that has a strong magic atmosphere beside a natural and beautiful view. Parangkusumo beach located at least 30 km from Jogjakarta and we can ride by motorcycle or other transportation rides. ehm..... Parangkusumo beach has an interesting history, its beach has a role on historical about king of jogjakarta called Panembahan Senopati and a famous Quenn of South Coast called Ratu Kidul. well.... I dont want to describe about this story because i just hear uncompletely story,,, we are going to focus on Parangkusumo beach it self, there are any place called Batu cinta ( love stone), based on story if visitor pray near this stone, so it easier becomes to real hehehehe...but it just myth.

When tired, Parangkusumo beach has a number of stalls selling food. A large number of pilgrims making the beach area was visited almost always crowded, even into the night. Quite many pilgrims who stayed at this beach for a prayer. For those of you who want to feel the spiritual experience in Parangkusumo beach can join with the pilgrims to pray together.

................... I LOVE INDONESIA..............

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