Drini Beach ( Pantai Drini ) ------- Ngestirejo, Tanjung Sari, Gunung Kidul Jogjakarta, Indonesia

........... Drini Beach,, located at Ngestirejo, Tanjung Sari, Gunung Kidul Jogjakarta.Drini beach has exotic view because it surrounded by very beautiful and natural reefs. The Features of this coast there are coral islands which grow Drini trees and reputedly the wood can be used as an antidote to rattlesnake. Drini beach scenery is very beautiful, very beautiful and virgin beaches. On top of this reef where the lighthouse was built, if we view from the tower can see the view over Drini Beach .we can see clearly amongst the sea grass sea corals and other marine biota.

Unlike many other beaches on the island of Java there are others who tend to have dirty and polluted by human activities, the condition of Drini beach is very clean with white sand stretching. Sloping beaches coupled with sea water clarity allows us to see clearly the various reefs and sea grass.

...... So,, Drini beach is very amazing and Exotic place to visited for your Holiday or vacation trip......
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