Wediombo Beach ( Pantai Wediombo ) --------- Central Java, Indonesia

Located approximately 25km to the south of the city Wonosari Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta, located in the coastal village Wediombo Jepitu,, Level II Regional Gunung Kidul District.

Wediombo located in the southern part of Java Island, Indonesia. Regions Wediombo including the easternmost region of Yogyakarta Special Province (DIY) bordering Central Java.

like the other beaches in the Gunung Kidul district, wediOmbo beach has the towering rock mountains.This beach has white sand like most tourists coupled with the shape of the bay beaches and ramps. Tourists can enjoy a panoramic sunset from the beach while enjoying the cool coastal air.

shaped bay with a wall of lush green hills. Landscape quite beautiful and suitable for lovers of "hiking" and is often used to camping and fishing. The water is also very clear, but not allowed to swim or snorkeling as 50 - 100 m from the lip
there coast trough.

so you see the beach directly, as if the world was in heaven. with a sigh of winds, waves lunge flushed, clear sky, and birds flying.

it presents a panoramic tour of the beautiful nature, do not forget to include coastal tourism wediOmbo into your vacation plans, because the guarantee you will be satisfied with its beauty.

keep vacations and keep our natural duty .... ^_^

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