How to Take a Trip into Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan

Next poin, How to Take a Trip into Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan. There are many vacation place along Pacitan coastline, After we discussed about how magically Banyu Tibo beach, now we turn on next destination on pacitan, its called Watu Karung Beach. 

Watu karung beach has few option for visitor, not only for enjoy the view of wave and lying down over sand, visitor will finding out the best wave for surf. Yes, you will meet many surfer here. Watu Karung has a stunning natural beauty with extensive white sand and crystal clear sea water is turquoise and outstanding is the island - a coral island in the coastal region. 

 It so amazingly beautiful with reefs, turquoise water, clean beach, soft white sands , and surfing spots offering barrels and world-class waves. Left and right. A serious surfing point, be lucky to meet pro surfer here and less crowd of surfers. 

Many things you can be done here, besides Surfing, visitors can swim and enjoy the crystal clear sea water , playing the clean white sand, play volleyball beach , playing football , pictured with relatives or walking excursions along the beach while enjoying the breeze of beach. 

Watu Karung located in the Watu karung village , District of Pringkuku, Pacitan, East Java Indonesia . Watu Karung located approximately 40 km from the point of Pacitan city , to get on your Coast region will be crossing the road  winding up and down hills , the road to the coastal area can be accessed by private vehicle. There are any resort and surfing board rentshop there so don't be worried if you want to spend all day in watu karung beach.

How to Take a Trip into Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan . just turn your GPS on, write down Watu karung Beach and the map will appear, and one more, don't forget bring your board and camera  to take the best view of Watu karung Beach.

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