Banyu Tibo Beach, When Great Waterfall meet the coastline, Pacitan Indonesia

well.... I can write down a little information here again afterall, so let's start the journey again. Now we are going to talk about a beautiful panorama and recomended vacaton place at south of java island, yes we landed in Pacitan. Pacitan is small city placed in south of java coastlines, you may never heard ths city before Mr. SBY become President of Indonesia, but after that all of us get more information about Pacitan, because Mr. SBY comes from Pacitan. 

There are many vacation in Pacitan, beside famous of coastlines, Pacitan usually named with thousand caves city. But, we don't talk about cave yet because i will tell about one famous and nature beach anyway. 

For the first one, Let me to introduce about the beach called Banyu tibo beach. May in english means Waterfall beach. So, what the different this place with another beach, we will discuss it now.

Compared to other beaches in Pacitan ( and also in Indonesia in general ) , Banyu Tibo has a different atmosphere and scenery. There is a natural fenomenan quite unique and rare which is a waterfall that falls directly onto the beach . Yes, we will find few vacation point in one place. Awesome.

Location Banyu Tibo Beach is located on the outskirts of the southern part of Pacitan . Precisely in the Village Widoro , District Donorojo. Pacitan, East java, Indonesia

I can't give you the route to get here, because i know all of us know technology called GPS, so you can use it. If you have ever visit this place, come on share your photograph here. Contact me if you have documentation about Banyu Tibo Beach, Pacitan.

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