Lombang Beach ( Pantai Lombang) ------- Madura, Indonesia

Lombang Beach is located about an hour away by motorbike from the center of Sumenep. But it was very brief because along the way the eye will be treated to beautiful views, which extend green rice fields and clouds seen in the distance romp plus very fresh air pollution free. From the city Sumenep distance is not far, about 30 kilo meters, the street was quite nice and paved. During the long holiday, the beach is crowded visitors. Tourists generally come from the region of Madura, but not a few who came from Surabaya.

Compared to some of the beaches we've ever visited, Lombang no less interesting from Kuta beach, this beach even promising a more natural ambiance. What makes it unique, around and along the shoreline pine trees grow shrimp. That said, there is only 2 beaches in the world who have the uniqueness of this kind, besides Lombang itself, where the other is Chinese. With the Suramadu, Lombang beach beauty would seem to be one of the leading tourist attraction for Madura.

Happy Holiday... ^_^


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