Slopeng Beach ( Pantai Slopeng) ------------ East Java, Indonesia

Slopeng beach has white sand (of course that means yellow), the semi-solid, which was behind a small hill surrounded by rocks typical of the island of Madura. A kind of palm trees (I do not know his name) adorned the coastal shores. Sea green with a bluish by tossing dozens of fishing boats that anchor in the middle there making the atmosphere more beautiful. Slopeng beach area is located in the area approximately 21 km north of Sumenep city .Air clear and white sand beaches that extend spacious and decorated with coconut palm trees on the beach makes a beautiful sight in the eye.
Actually a very long coastline, along the trajectory of this area has the same beautiful beach conditions. But for this run is about 1 km coastline. And the atmosphere of the sun touches the heart while the afternoon was about to embrace the horizon line. Unfortunately we're really pressed for time today, so had to miss this beautiful moment
Slopeng beach is a beach with white sand stretch of mountains that surround the sides of nearly 6 km long beach. If you like fish in the sea, the beach area is very suitable for sea fishing  because the area is rich in various kinds of fish, tuna species also exist. Slopeng beach located in the area approximately 21 km north of the Sumenep, East Java 

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