Camplong beach ( Pantai Camplong) ----------------- Madura, Indonesia

In Camplong beach resorts. It was inaugurated by Governor of East Java,Soelarso, July 22, 1993, this tourist attraction is expected to lift the name of Sampang Regency. Pristine beach, inhabited by fishermen. Sea calm. Not too deep. Every holiday, weekend, the beach was crowded with children and adolescents. That day I saw the beach quite crowded. Some teen dating under the pandanus trees.

Visitors to the beach and cottage Camplong not busy as the past. Many facilities and almost all buildings damaged cottage. Starting from the entrance next to the counter until the levee repellent waves.
Camplong Beach  is located about 8 kilometers to the east of the City of Sampang, situated in the village of Dharma among others, is a gently sloping beach with white sands. Near the beach equipped garden is overgrown with pine trees that add shade in this tourist area. When the weather is sunny, in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful panorama as the sun sets. This beauty is owned by Coast Tourism Camplong.

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