Kuta Beach of Lombok ( Pantai Kuta Lombok) --------- Lombok, Indonesia

Kuta was once synonymous with the most famous beaches in the world. But not just any Kuta beach in southern Bali, exactly also in the south island of Lombok is also there with the name of Kuta beach, too. In Lombok, the beach is also known as pepper beach, because sand grains are shaped like a pepper with a yellowish white color to the size of grains of pepper and if stepped on our feet would feel like drowning, drowning and feet will be rather difficult to walk. Beach sand is not only pepper that can be seen but we're treated to the hills overlooking the reef that juts into the sea and with the background too barren hills

To reach this beach means of transportation is still difficult because there is no public transportation khusu headed here, right because this beach still has not been developed seriously by the government. For facilities on the island is still very minimal, so it really is still natural. There are only a few shacks made ​​by indigenous people who sell small snacks. And there is also an alias Cidomo Cikar Motor gig which is a tool to transport it around the beach area. Cidomo transportasion is also a tool on the island of Lombok traditional that you can find anywhere.

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